Understanding Golf Etiquette On the Tee Box Video

By Brett Bennett
September 14, 2012

While everybody digs the long ball, not everybody knows the proper guidelines for teeing off to hit it.  In this video, PGA Professional Todd Kolb walks us through proper tee box etiquette with the following tips:

–        The person with the lowest score on the last hole has honors, or the right to play their ball first.  If scores are the same, refer to the last hole somebody won.

–        Be quiet and stand in a place where you are not a distraction to the person hitting.

–        Use the waiting time to gather information on hitting your own shot.

–        Watch other shots so you can help find any balls that are troubling to find.

–        When all shots are finished, gather any equipment and head to your next shot in a timely fashion.

Tee box etiquette is a minor part of the game, but not following it can lead to major issues with fellow golfers and other groups on the course.  For more information about playing from the proper tees, check out.  And to get some great tips on how to hit your driver, take a look at.

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