Posted 1/22/13
It’s a difficult life. Florida, golf courses, sun, pools, grilled hamburgers and a dash of work – the recipe for a nice little Monday. Not a typical Monday morning for most.

Without either drawing envy or evoking boredom, here is what the day consisted of for much of the USGolfTV team in Florida.

The 6 members were essentially divided into two teams: the-video-guys and the not-video-guys. The video guys were the threesome of Todd, Brett and Nick. After a quick shower, a bite to eat, a Nick workout and a purple shirt debacle (Brett and Todd both showed to breakfast in identical adorable gentle lavender shirts), they took off to the golf course.

The course was called Stoneybrook West Golf Course located in Winter Garden, Florida and the-video-guys threesome spent the day in the sun, filming video for a new product line. The product line is a short game tutorial highlighting the often times overlooked fundamentals of the short game. Its focus is on skill development as opposed to technique.

While video was shot, the remaining not-video-guys, Tyler, Jordan and myself stayed back at the house. Work was done (i.e. establishing corresponding emails for business cards, updating the site, contacting potential partners, etc.) but the small things were not ignored. We spent some time in the hot tub out in the back of the house while also grilling burgers for the family at the house.

Monday was not quite jam-packed like the days the team will encounter in the coming days at the show, but it was a quiet, productive and Florida-filled day.

Tuesday’s forecast: much of the same.

Troy Klongerbo