Our very own PGA Pro Todd Kolb was at Willow Run Golf Course this week for an interview with the Argus Leader in addition to filming a video tip for the Argus Leader website. Todd discussed things like getting ready for the season, having the proper early season attitude and making the big decision of deciding which course to play this year. There are many great membership options and punch passes available at a variety of different levels at every course in the area, so everyone should be sure to take advantage.

Todd also highlighted a few stretching exercises, and gave some basic tips for the grip, set up position and aligning to the target. The story runs in the Argus Leader on Saturday, so be sure to check it out.

Also, as you may know, Willow Run is under new ownership and is in the process of renovating the golf course and clubhouse. The first phase of the clubhouse changes will already be done next weekend, with the remainder of the changes scheduled to be completed later this spring, including the addition of the esteemed Fuzion Food Group running food services for Willow Run this year. Be sure to check out some pictures of the Willow Run clubhouse renovations below. Click here to visit the Willow Run website for more info on the construction project and the course.

USGolfTV/SDGolfTV in the news yet again. Yep, we’re kind of a big deal.

Joel Harrington

Willow Run Clubhouse Construction