Video Lesson: Changing Setup With Flightscope

By Dillon Friday
September 21, 2016


PGA Teaching Professional and USGolfTV founder Todd Kolb runs a series called “Teaching with Technology.” Kolb, one of the most respected teaching professionals in the Upper Midwest, helps his student best utilize the tools that 21st century golf provides them.

It’s a changing game and with it, comes new technologies. But if the adage, “It’s not the tools, it’s the artist who possesses them” (or your own variation of that saying) can be challenged, it’s here. Reading the numbers is one thing. Applying them is quite another.

Take for example, the Flightscope. Earlier this year, Troy Klongerbo spoke to Mike Shy, coach of wunderkind Bryson DeChambeau, about he and his pupil use Flightscope in their practice sessions. It’s a fascinating read.

Kolb uses Flightscope in a similar matter. He sets it up at the Todd Kolb Golf Academy to help measure the effectiveness of not only the student’s improvements but also his lessons. Kolb provides the message, and as he says, checks Flightscope to either confirm that message or see if he needs to approach the session differently.

To start, he records the initial swings of his student. With the help of Flightscope, Kolb can then determine what swing adjustments the student should make to get to the proper ball flight. The student swings again, and another analysis of the Flightscope lets him know if the lesson took or not. They work together in order to achieve the desired outcome. The technology confirms what the eye sees, or reveals something that we can’t catch.

Now, that may sound complicated for someone not familiar with golf teaching or even technology. But with the Flightscope, it’s rather easy. Amateur golfers can record their numbers during a range session. After 10-15 swings, they should discover a pattern in their results.

From, there, a reminder that technology is a wonderful thing, they can use a golf app or find more tips on USGolfTV to determine what the appropriate adjustment should be.

The Flightscope has been huge in quantifying the golf swing. Before, you either sliced or hooked the ball, faded it or pulled it. There are numbers now that can help you arrive at your desired ball flight.

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