Probably the most prevalent problem in golf is the slice. The men behind Vision Golf have the solution.

Please welcome, the Drawing Board. The draw is one of the coveted shots in golf. People try to correct their slices and draw the ball through a multitude of contradicting strategies, either by turning the club face inwards at address, hand flips at contact or closing their stances. The Drawing Board teaches people how to properly draw their golf ball.

Draws are hit by the path of the swing, not by the clubface, stance or hand flip. The Drawing Board assists golfers in getting on the right path. Swinging the club in-to-out is the only way to hit the draw consistently and precisely. The board lies simply with yellow lines indicating the proper path from the inside, with red lines showing the wrong path.

PGA Top 100 Instructor Jim McLean is an advocate for the Drawing Board. He and his student, PGA Tour player Len Mattiace, use the Drawing Board on a daily basis. McLean wants students to continue working on proper techniques and says the tool “ingrains the pro move.”

Vision is the key in the learning process. The goal is to aid instructors in player development and growing golf with purposeful practice. The guys at Vision Golf stress, IT IS NOT A TRAINING TOOL. It is simply a practice mat with with a guide.

Hit the draw people, and order the Drawing Board by clicking here.

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Troy Klongerbo