Whole Brain Power Coaching- The Hands Grow The Brain, Begin Tapping Your Brain’s Full Potential

By Joel Harrington
May 13, 2012


There’s a reason that nearly every top PGA and LPGA Touring professional employs both swing and mental coaches. The golf swing and gaining that “edge” is as much physical as it is mental; in fact it might very well be more of the latter. There’s no question that confidence can work wonders for the golf swing, while fear can practically evaporate any physical prowess that a player possesses. Just ask Ian Baker-Finch, David Duval, Johnny Miller or many others what fear and the inner demons did to their games at the latter part of their careers.

Enter Whole Brain Power Coaching, a revolutionary brain training program designed to begin tapping the full potential of your whole brain power. Whole Brain Power Coaching was developed by Michael J Lavery, a pioneer in the field of applied neuroscience and brain function. Lavery’s methodologies are based on over 25 years of experience in research in the plasticity of the human brain and how overall brain power potential can be harnessed. Not only do Lavery’s teachings help you with your golf game, but benefits also include greater memory, higher mood elevation, a deeper night’s sleep, greater confidence in social situations, super-powered attention, razor sharp focus, greater functional strength, better language and communications skills, less stress and much more. Sounds all Bradley Cooper Limitless like, except that this is for real and can be seized by anyone.

Michael Lavery has appeared on the David Letterman Show, has twice been interviewed on BBC radio, has been featured on the front cover of the Orange County Register, once made ESPN Sportscenter’s Top Ten plays Plays of the Day, and has been featured in other prominent newspaper and magazine articles about his pioneering ambidexterity skills in the sports of tennis and golf. With that impressive resume of accolades, there’s no question that this isn’t just another one of “those” products.

Lavery’s breakthrough is now being connected theories that the hands actually grow the brain, as part of the myelination process. Like me, I’m sure that last sentence is a big- huh, what?…until you hear that what this means is that this results in maximizing the brain and body chemistry, essentially so that the two can work together as efficiently as possible. We’re all capable of greatness; it’s just whether or not we choose to tap into that potential.

The best part about Whole Brain Power Coaching is that it’s a game-changing set of golf lessons and some serious full-life improvement all wrapped up into one. Who couldn’t go for some greater memory, a deeper night’s sleep, less stress along with some better touch around the greens and more distance and accuracy off the tee? Exactly, we all could.

I and the rest of the USGolfTV team seriously believe in Whole Brain Power Coaching and want you to begin tapping the potential in your lives. To prove this to you, we are offering you a $20 discount off the program exclusively for being a USGolfTV fan, meaning that for just a one-time cost of $47 you can begin experiencing the improvements that you and your mind are already capable of. Again, there is nothing more to buy or no monthly fees of any kind. Just the $47 and you’re locked and loaded. Click here to seize this great opportunity and to begin tapping the potential that inherently lies within you.

Joel Harrington

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