So you want to improve your golf game…in the winter?

There are no leaves on the trees, most of the greens and tee boxes in the state are covered with tarps and soon, a blanket of snow will coat South Dakota’s prairies.  How are you supposed to improve your golf game?

Easy- drive to “The Bubble” – better known as the Avera Sports Institute.

The Avera Sports Institute is located South of 41st street in Sioux Falls, SD. It can be seen from a number of blocks away as a miniature Metrodome on W. 44th Place, in between Grange and Western Avenues.

This location offers a number of golf services available to golfers searching for a way to improve their golf games through the winter months. Starting December 3rd, the dome will be available to hit golf balls from 11am to 1pm on Mondays through Fridays. It is a $10.00 fee for a half an hour of unlimited  range balls. It is a great place to get some work on a rusty winter golf swing. No appointments are necessary.

Aside from hitting balls in the dome, Avera brings more to the table to help golfers get better. The team at the ASI brings experience to athletes of all kinds (including golfers!) and can even allow golfers to find a source in which they can work on their bodies to increase strength and flexibility. Strong and flexible = the ability to smoke the golf ball.

Jason Askew, the manager of the ASI since 2000, describes their Kinetic golf program as a great way to help golfers improve.

“It is a swing assessment 3rd motion analysis program that is used to help improve current swing mechanics,” Askew explains. “It is approved by the Titleist Performance Institute and is a great way to improve your game during the winter months.”

There are a lot of options at the ASI.

Any questions on how to get an appointment at the ASI? Call 322-3278 and starting working on your game!

Troy Klongerbo