How Zenolink and Golf Find Synergy

Based out of Endicott in upstate New York, ZenoLink is an innovative performance institute.  Zenolink utilizes advanced analysis technology to help pinpoint strengths and weaknesses of athletes and their athletic motions.  The CEO of the business is Chris Welch. Chris is a graduate of Boston University as a biomedical-biomechanical engineer, and has used his education in the field of biomechanics. He uses his biomechanics theories to help maximize club head speed for golfers of all talent levels. The terminology specifically used is “activity specific coordination.” It is the combination of speed, power in strength and how it all relates within the golf swing.


In the game of golf, different makes, models and styles of golf swings find their way on to the PGA Tour. Dustin Johnson takes the club back past parallel with a bowed left wrist.  He also has a completely shut club face at the top of his backswing. Rory McIlroy has tremendous rotation throughout his golf swing. However, he actually stops the rotation of his hips down and through the golf ball. Rickie Fowler has the club laying nearly flat at the top. It’s incredible he’s able to work the golf ball the way he does. Bubba Watson’s position at the top is extremely upright, overtly elongated and especially flexible and he can complete at the top of the game.

How Does this Work?

The reason these players all can play at the top of the game is simple. The relationship of their lower body/upper body in the golf swing has synergy. Chris focuses on transition type exercises working on speed and momentum. Weaknesses for focusing on specific exercises can be detected through a 3D Motion Analysis. From there, he analyzes body motions and quantifies performance.

Chris uses a fantastic analogy to explain how the body works in a golf swing. The analogy is the golf swing to a car. Imagine the lower body as the engine of the golf swing.  Basically, it holds all of the horsepower,  The abdomen/core would be the transmission of the car. With a poor engine (lower body), the golf swing won’t be able to run the way it needs to run. But without a strong transmission (abdomen/core), it’s hard to get the top speeds we all want to reach. They are different entities, but they are completely intertwined in a relationship. Synergy is essential.

The focus of ZenoLink is not to improve upon anatomical limitations of golfers, but instead on the activity specific limitations already mentioned. Basically, this type of training is perfect for golfers of all ages and skills levels to improve the golf swing.

Troy Klongerbo