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By Greg Liberto
January 8, 2014


It’s amazing that the wind chill is about -30 today and all I can think about is golf. Maybe it’s because I saw a snowman holding a golf club on Twitter or perhaps it’s because I am getting ready to head to Orlando for the PGA show later this month. Whatever the reason, golf is on the brain and I want to share how to get in the zone with a process I call 100% READY.

Have you ever wondered why you can be so engaged and focused for one shot but not the next? The concept of getting in the zone is difficult for most because there is no clear road map to get there. Yes, getting more focused and visualizing your shot are part of the equation, they mean nothing if you can’t perform either. Here are the simple steps to become totally focused, or 100% READY on EVERY shot this year.

Step 1Create Emotional Balance – When you feel yourself experiencing negative energy prior to your shot, I want you to physically stop moving and reverse your thought process by getting totally focused on thoughts of hitting your target only.

Step 2Pick Your Target – Whether you are on the tee or on the green, you need to pick a very specific target of exactly where your ball will land. Not a general area, but a very specific dime spot that your ball will land on perfectly.

Step 3Visualize the Shot – Watching the trailer of a movie gives you a mere snip-it of the entire story. Watching the Entire Movie provides the whole story and is exactly how I want you to think of your shot. Envision every detail of your shot from the time it leaves your club until the time it reaches its final destination.

Step 4Total Energy Commitment – Standing over your shot is when you must have all thoughts and all energy committed to your target. When it is time to pull the trigger, you must think like a sniper and have every single ounce of your energy committed to this:


Step 5Accept the Shot – Whatever the result of your shot is, accept it and get ready to start the process all over again. The faster you create emotional balance after any shot, the easier it is to be 100% READY for the next one.

100% READY is one of the many invaluable tips you will learn in my book titled 18 Holes: The Round You’ve Been Waiting For. This ground-breaking book highlights many other intangibles of the game such as how to play under pressure, practice with purpose, eliminate negative energy and way more. It is available later this month and when you purchase it, you will receive a bonus copy. This bonus copy I know you will be ecstatic to share with your closest golfing friend while keeping the original for yourself 🙂

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