Play Golf like a Sniper, with the HEAD Coach | #SniperGolf

By Greg Liberto
May 9, 2014


Imagine you are a sniper in the US Marines and you just received your next assignment. As you arrive at your post and position yourself for your shot, you start to feel nervous. You can feel your finger shaking on the trigger and you think to yourself “Don’t miss it high.” You pull the trigger, miss your target and head back to your commanding officer. As you explain the situation and how you were thinking, he looks at you with total disgust and says “Lay down your gun son.”

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A sniper does not think about the possibility of missing his target, rather he has total focus and commitment to his target. He is calm, focused and committed because he has only one shot, one opportunity. He does not have multiple shots on 18 holes, he has just one chance to get it right, typically with great consequences on the line. Do you think he has a STRATEGY or do you think he just shows up and hopes for the best? He is not just focused on hitting his target, he is focused on splitting the cross hairs at a very precise time. One chance, one target, one shot.

I have three students playing in the US Open qualifier this week and the conversations I had with a couple of them were based around the concept of playing golf like a sniper. Calm, focused and totally committed. The STRATEGY that one of them brought to the course was “Split the crosshairs.” (crosshairs are intersecting lines in the shape of a cross, that you view through the scope of a firearm. The point where the crosshairs connect is your very specific target “+”). There is no room for thoughts of ‘don’t leave it short’ or ‘don’t go left’ when you are totally focused on your target and splitting the crosshairs.

To start playing golf like a sniper you need to fixate on a very specific target. While visualizing your shot going through the trees is better than most golfers do, you need to envision the exact flight path of the ball and pick a very specific dime spot target where the ball will land, especially around the green. For that to happen, you must start playing golf like a sniper:

1. Have a STRATEGY

2. Pick a very specific target

3. Pull the trigger when you are 100% READY (totally focused and committed to your target)

Are you playing golf like a sniper? If not, take the Tour Pro Mind questionnaire (2-3 minutes to complete). The FREE personalized report you receive upon completion, will absolutely get you more focused and increase your confidence. Here is the link to start playing golf like a sniper right now –

Here is what people who have completed the questionnaire are saying …..

“Hit My Target allowed me to play my best golf in two decades” – Otto Cuyler, 5 handicap

“I am absolutely playing the best golf of my life.” Chris Salone, St. John Fisher golf team

“In 60 minutes, Greg transformed my fear based mindset for the US Open qualifier to 100% READY.” Jacob Burgess, 2 handicap



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