If you keep up with our blog weekly you may have noticed we recently wrote about Zepp Golf, a device and app that tracks one’s golf swing. Zepp isn’t alone in the field in terms of swing capturing. The technology was always going to be used for that service.

And Zepp isn’t even the top product on the market, according to Arccos.

The latter company carries that boast. Arccos differs from Zepp in that the device isn’t worn by the golfer. Instead, it fits neatly into the hole at the top of the grip.

Arccos also comes with 13 standard sensors and a special one for the putter, so there’s no need to keep switching the device between clubs. You can play an entire round, record every shot—down to your exact location on the hole—and review the results on your phone.

The stats Arccos keeps are extensive, too. Not only does it measure the length of your drive, it also offers all deviations so you can determine your tendencies. Average drive, fairways hit and errors left and right all show up on the app. The app then calculates your driving handicap off the information.

It’s a complex tool that comes in simple form, a must for all golf products.

In the process, it eliminates the need to practice on the range, extensively I should say, because it provides distance immediately.

Most golfers don’t hit the ball the same from the fairway or the rough as they do on the range. And throw in the randomness of range balls and you get unreliable swing results. A club you think you hit 160 flush may actually travel 175.

Arccos allows you to determine a more accurate distance.

The hang up of the product—and where it differs from Zepp—comes in the application.

Having all the information about your game is useful. Not everyone, however, knows how to apply it. At the very least, it gives you an idea of areas you can improve on. And at just under $300 for the pack (the 13 sensors, the one putter sensor, the app and a starter guide) the price isn’t too steep in the long run for the return on the product.

The Wallstreet Journal, Yahoo and CNBC have all reviewed the product favorably and 2014 FedEx Cup Champion Billy Horschel makes for a worthy spokesmen. Arccos might just be something you want to check out to help out your game.

Check out the demo at Arccosgolf.com.

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