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“Ignite your core, body and mind.”

How many of you have found yourself in this situation?

You work out regularly, either for fitness or for a specific sport, and find yourself concerned with how the added mass will affect your golf game. With ActivMotion you no longer need to worry.

Derek Mikulski started the company and invented the ActivMotion Bar, their key product, after becoming somewhat of a fitness nut. The ActivMotion Bar is filled with balls that travel freely back-and-forth in the tube. The motion allows for users to engage in stability, balance, and weight transferring exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once.


In other words, the ActivMotion Bar makes your workouts far, far more effective…

Naturally, Mikulski knew that he’d have a niche market in golf. Dave Davis is listed as the Golf Professional on the company’s website. In addition to his work with ActivMotion, Davis is the founder of Pro Fitness Golf Performance in Walled Lake, Michigan. He combines his expertise in the sport and fitness with the innovation of the bar to deliver pertinent and effective exercises for golfers of all levels.

We caught up with Derek and Dave at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show last winter.

Driving Series


What stands out from the short video is the direct correlation between working with the bar and improving one’s golf game. As Mikulski said, “golf is hardly all ActivMotion does.”

That’s more than evident looking through their website.

But with the sport, they found an obvious fit for their product and in Davis, an expert teacher. He emphasizes the load and unload of the golf swing as a place where the ActivMotion Bar can have a positive impact. Even the physics mimic the swing—the weight transfers as you do.

What the ActivMotion Bar does, is force people to activate their muscles in ways standard static weights don’t. It teaches the body stability strength, which for golf, is the type of strength desired for improvement. By making the muscles stabilize the weights being lifted, statistics prove that 173% improvement in efficiency can be achieved.

And don’t worry, you don’t need to learn all of these workouts on your own. The ActivMotion Bar team has worked various trainers throughout the golf industry and fitness moguls to optimize these workouts. They’ve developed all of their findings to achieve maximum output and make those workouts available to those who matter…you!

ActivMotion offers the bar in weights ranging from 4.5 pounds to 10 pounds. Consumers can purchase individually or full golf packages, as well as a golf instructional DVD, at their website.

It’s certainly worth checking out for any fitness nuts, golf freaks, or combinations of the two.

Check out their website here!