They say the key to a great round of golf is looking great.

Fake it until you make it for that boost of confidence, plus someone’s probably whispering about you in the club house saying how good you must be based on your outfit alone. Only pros can pull that look off, right?

With Antigua’s latest Summer collection, there is a mighty great chance you will be the star of the course. Be prepared to play your best and catch some glances with this colorful and vibrant follow up to its delightful Spring line.

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The Summer 2017 Performance Collection

2017 Men’s Summer Performance Collection, Style Vista

Kicking off a stunning Summer collection, Hologram is functional and stylish for on and off the course.

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An upgrade to a solid color polo, Hologram gives the illusion of texture with light and dark contrasting shades that one could say almost looks like stripes or camouflage. It is a tonal double knit jacquard self-collar polo, which means it uses the same 100% polyester fabric throughout, including the collar and has a moisture wick technology to keep you cool on a hot summer day.


Next up, style truly meets comfort and function with Drive. This 90% polyester/10% spandex blend lends to more stretch through your golf swing. Alternating stripes and a pop of color with a bold stripe accent throughout this design makes this polo great for summer on the golf course and a day at the office.

Equally as smart and comfortable, Unite also includes spandex for plenty of flexibility. This design is especially cool and adds a vibrant pop of color in one horizontal block across the chest, along with more alternating color stripes below. This could quite possibly be the best design of the entire collection for a guy trying to impress with his style.


Revive is a traditional style polo that plays on a Rugby design, but elevated to make a statement on the course with bright hues. It’s a continuation from the Spring 2017 Performance Collection due to popularity, which means you may just love this polo enough to wear it every weekend. You may want to grab as many colors as you can, so you never have to worry about making a fashion faux-pas by wearing the same shirt two weekends in a row. Learn more about Revive.

Of course, every golfer also needs the statement trend piece in their wardrobe. Vivid is that piece this summer. Designed with a bold print across the chest that looks a bit like abstract art, this polo will be a go-to summer staple. The highlight is the bright colors and cool design, but the 100% polyester fabric with moisture wick fabric will also keep you cool throughout the day. Learn more about Vivid.

Another holdover from the Spring 2017 collection, Vista is a raglan style, half-zip pull over that may serve as a great sun-blocking piece for those that are a bit more sun conscious. Learn more about Vista.

It’s light-weight and moisture wicking technology is perfect for summer and the stand-up collar can help keep those rays from burning your neck. #GolfProblems

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It’s [Vista] light-weight and moisture wicking technology is perfect for summer and the stand-up collar can help keep those rays from burning your neck. #GolfProblems


2017 Men’s Windwear Collection

2017 Men’s Windwear Collection, Style Conquer

This collection is designed specifically to help block wind and protect you when a little weather rolls through during a day at the course.

Advance is a functional wind-protective, long sleeve, half-zip pullover that is also waterproof for when inclement weather approaches. It may be warm outside, yet the breathable fabric and lightweight tricot mesh lining make it great for staying cool and having plenty of movement. With an adjustable bungee waistband to assist with fit and Velcro adjustable cuffs, this is the wind jacket you need for performance and flexibility. Learn more about Advance.

The second in the windwear lineup may be more your style if you’re looking for something that is less restrictive and more applicable in the summer. Although it won’t do much to protect you from the sun, Tour is a short-sleeve, half-zip pull-over also has a bungee adjustable bottom and is lightweight enough to block the wind while keeping you cool. Learn more about Tour.

A great partner to Tour, Conquer is a ¼ zip pull-over vest that also includes a water-proof membrane. Perfect for performance and functionality, this design will keep your chest and body protected well. Learn more about Conquer.

Enjoy the apparel from Antigua in 2017. You won’t be disappointed. []

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