Every male golfer on the planet would love to add a green jacket to their wardrobe, but it’s a difficult look to pull off successfully. 

Pair it with a red shirt and you look like a Christmas card photo.  Orange? Brown? Purple?  Not much seems to work with it. 

The green jacket…symbolic and prestigious, yes.  Fashionable, no. 

Don’t even get me started on those red, plaid jackets from Colonial and Harbour Town.

Thankfully Antigua, one of the nation’s leading designers of lifestyle and golf apparel has recently launched their Spring 2017 collection for both men and women.  They are committed to making sure you look your best on the links this season.

CEO Ron McPherson is excited about their 2017 offering.

Read about Ron in 2014.

The 2017 Men Line

For the men’s collection the key word ins spandex.  Yes, spandex. 

The fiber has been integrated into the construction of the fabrics for nearly every style.  The reason for this is two-fold.  Function and form. 

The self-collar style Sustain shirt is a spandex shoulder detail contrasted with a heather-dyed pointella mesh.  This affords the golfer a breathable fabric while wicking away sweat to keep you cool on the hottest of days.  You won’t also have to worry about the shirt constricting or interfering with your swing in any way.  You’ll look good and you’ll feel good.


The fiber [spandex] has been integrated into the construction of the fabrics for nearly every style.  The reason for this is two-fold.  Function and form. 

Color is also a big focus for Antigua this spring. 

Their stripe collection offers new energy in contrasting colors.  Again, using spandex yarns into the knit of the shirt will give a simple stripe patter an energetic feel. 

The Orbit style bring a fresh update to the traditional golf striped shirt.  Solid and heather tonal stripes combined with heather over-dyed insets create a sophisticated and simple look that will have you feeling confident from clubhouse to the course. 

Or maybe you prefer the Domain style by Antigua.  Domain features contrasting accent stripes in a light to dark hombre style make it one of the standouts pieces from their spring collection. 

Whichever style you prefer, Antigua guarantees you’ll love what you wear.

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The 2017 Women Line

The women’s collection is a continuation of the simplicity which their previous year’s collection embodied says Antigua women’s designer Danielle Dellios. 

The focus for this season is on fabrics and colors as opposed to styling.  While primary colors look fine on their own, mixing them together creates a fresh color take on primaries.  An example of this is their new green color, Cypress, mixed with a bright blue color, Cabana.  There are four color combos in all, each of them mixing two primary colors.  Gone are neutral accents like grey or beige.  Boring is out, vibrant color is in.

As far as styles, Mischief is their new sleeveless style with an asymmetrical fabric blocking detail at the top and a solid poly mesh for the bottom.  This allows women to wear a variety of colored bottoms.  For those cooler, early morning rounds, consider the Sterling, a long sleeve, half-zip pullover.  Featuring an uber-soft fabric with a solid color body and patterned insets.  Again, two primary colors are incorporated with black and white to bring style and comfort to the course. 

If you’re feeling a bit bold and daring, then the Rogue polo shirt is the one for you.  It’s Antigua’s most creative style for this year.  It mixes the entire color palette in a linear print.  It can be worn any color bottom or even a white or black bottom.  It’s a bold print which will definitely make you a standout on the links.

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Antigua has licensing agreements with every major sports league in North America, many universities and colleges, in addition to the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour and PGA of America.  They’ve been in business and have earned the trust of millions in corporate America. 

Why not trust them to upgrade your wardrobe this golf season? 

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