Bombtech Grenade Driver Review

Handcrafted drivers from the beautiful Northeast corner of our nation can be sent to your doorstep. And you’ll add length to your game.

Welcome to BombTech Golf, home of the Grenade driver. And its time to pull the pin

With the help of the University of Vermont and their Engineering Department, the owner–who goes by the name “Sully”–co-designed an innovative piece of driving equipment that has been making an impact in golf circles since 2011.

Ever golfer wants to kill the golf ball and watch it bound down the fairway. The team at BombTech wants to see you Bomb it with the help of some of their top-tier technology. Hence, BombTech.

Read their whole story and why the development of the Bombtech Grenade driver was such a necessity.

Bombtech Grenade Driver

At 460cc, the BombTech Driver is at the legal maximum

Dual-Cavity Technology

The entirety of the success behind the physics of the grenade golf driver club can be started with the dual-cavity design. This design was data driven to help create a club with the maximum performance for golfers. Through wind-tunnel testing, the presence of two cavities helped reduce drag by 48% (creating a faster clubhead and a stabilized club head for accuracy) and doesn’t infringe on any existing driver patents. It is a completely unique product.


Created with Ti-1188 titanium, the Grenade driver is produced to the highest quality. Google Ti-1188 titanium driver and this is the only driver on the market promoting a driver created as such. The feel is extremely unique. It also is one of the strongest metals for great durability. This helps create a COR of 0.83, the maximum number allowed by the USGA.

The driver was also created in 2-pieces with a cast-plasma weld in a forged head. This is designed to give golfers the most quality for their product–not only in the durability, but also the performance. A 2-piece driver offers consistent performance over 4-piece drivers.

All of the engineering information about the BombTech driver can be found here!

Chi Chi Rodriguez

In order to gain a bit more of a reputation behind the new driver, the team has presented a relationship with Chi Chi Rodriguez, a famous Puerto Rican PGA Tour/Champions Tour player. Sully at BombTech released the information earlier this summer on Chi Chi signing with the team.

The Review

During the Grenade driver reviews, our team hit this driver on the driving range and various golf courses throughout South Dakota. We allowed a few of our friends to hit the driver and after swinging it, not one person disliked it. Everyone saw success with the club and the sound, feel and technology peaked interest. Questions were asked. In fact, even some of the females in the lives of our teams commented on the “pretty green shaft.” The Grenade truly is a unique driver on the market.

The club feels amazing. When hit squarely, the club moved through the zone so smoothly. The ball seemed to jump off the face. It was flighted at a really nice trajectory and seemed to carry….and carry….and carry. And initially, I was using limited flight driving range golf balls– designed to fly at 75% distance. The ball still took off.

The impact can only be described as impact. It leaves an impact on the ears of everyone around. Perhaps not considered pleasant by all golfers, the driver radiated a sharp, explosion of a sound. Drives hit on the center of the face gave an incredible sound for feedback. It felt like the ball was hit so hard, it would roll down the fairway lopsided. I loved it.

I made a few swings during my round of play where the ball should have veered far off to the right. I hit the ball and said, “oops, that one is going right.” Upon looking up, the ball was simply a push, but it didn’t move far off its line at all. It hung on and I found my ball safe, in the righthand rough. This forgiveness immediately impressed me. The Grenade is a forgiving driver, along with providing length.

bombtech driver

The look, as evidenced above, features a simple matte black finish on the crown of the driver along with a lime green, attractive shaft. A neat design is finished on the shaft accompanied by the signature of the famed Chi Chi Rodriguez. The grip is a PURE grip with a tacky, firm feel. From the time it is removed from its packaging, it feels like it is ready to be absolutely bombed. Pull the pin, right?

I only wish we had a trackman available (and that it wasn’t late October) and we could run some of the numbers from the Grenade driver against some of the industry leaders. Other reports state that the Grenade has outperformed other manufacturers time-and-time again.

If you have the opportunity to hit this club, I would absolutely recommend it. Careful though, it may supplant your existing Big Dog.

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