Bridgestone j15 Irons Review


While down at the 2015 PGA Show, we took a look at some of the newest irons to the market. One set that caught our eye were the new line from Bridgestone golf– the Bridgestone J15 iron line- specifically the J15DF model.

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The 2015 line of irons from Bridgestone come in multiple offerings. Let’s take a look:

  • J15 MB (muscle backs)
  • J15 CB (cavity backs)
  • J15 DF (driving forged)
  • J15 DPF (dual pocket forged)
bridgestone j15df irons

Bridgestone J15 line of irons, via Bridgestone Golf website

The video review below is for the Bridgestone J15 DF irons, which as indicated above stands for driving forged. Take a look at our review:

My observations

I thought this was a fantastic iron. I was able to do multiple things with the golf ball, including moving it both right to left and flight the ball high and low really nicely. The look of the Bridgestone j15 df is sharp. The head wasn’t so small that it took a toll on my confidence, but it delivered a sleek top line and a brush steel look that was appealing next to a golf ball.

It felt as though perfect shots performed, but mis-hits (and I hit plenty, trust me), still felt okay and seemed to turn out. But there was still feedback, which I liked.

Everyone’s played golf in colder weather, but I’m from the Midwest. We hit golf shots in some frigid temperatures up north here, especially when playing competitively. You ever hit that thin shot in the cold weather? Well, it hurts. And it feels like a steel mallet in your hands and pounding it against bricks. No bueno.

But I will say, I imagine these irons respond well in those conditions. Judging by some of the misses I hit, I think they would perform really well when the temperatures got colder. But I won’t be planning on playing in any cold weather soon.

Club Overview

The driving forged line irons are designed to give the optimum combination between performance and forgiveness. Built with two-piece premium forged carbon steel, the club is designed to give golfers a desired quality feel. The differentiation piece behind this specific model

No notable names on Tour use the J15DF model we reviewed, but Matt Kuchar and Brandt Snedeker are both told to be playing the CBs, while Davis Love III plays the MBs.

The Bridgestone j15df line has only recently come available to the public– on February 1, 2015.

Check them out, by visiting Bridgestone golf’s website.