Bushnell has been a leader in the rangefinder category for years, as its brand has become a symbol of the highest level of quality and performance.  One of Bushnell’s latest releases is the Pro 1M Edition Laser Rangefinder,

The Bushnell Pro 1M Edition Laser Rangefinder is available with a Slope edition, which automatically calculates the uphill/downhill percentage of the shot.  For example, on a downhill shot, it will tell you to take X yards off of your shot.  On an uphill shot, it will tell you to add X yards to your shot.  It’s important to note that this Slope technology is not legal for Tournament play, but is a great way to practice and learn how much slope factors into your shots.  The Pro 1M Edition is also available without slope, so that it can be used for tournament play.

Other great features of the Pro 1M Edition Rangefinder are that it uses vivid display technology to display the numbers for your shot, as they show up in orange making it easy for you to see even on the brightest of days.  Also, it has pinpoint accuracy of just +/- 1 yard all the way up to 500 yards, to give you the confidence of honing in a precise distance for each and every shot.  Last but not least, like all Bushnell products, the Pro 1M Edition Rangefinder fits easy into travel bags and clips nicely onto golf bags.  It also fits easily into the palm of your hand for easy use anywhere on the course.

For more information on the Bushnell Pro 1M Edition Laser Rangefinder, click here to visit Bushnell’s website.  Also, be sure to check out our PGA Pro review below.

Joel Harrington