Figuring out a true yardage on the golf course can be an inexact science to be sure.

Most courses will use a pole in the middle of the fairway to mark 150 yards out and that’s it. Or maybe it’s a white stripe on the cart path which can be 20 or 30 yards from the fairway. Even if every sprinkler head has a yardage on it, it might not be clear if that’s to the front or middle of the green. It might even be busted from the mowers.

Don’t get me started about trying to figure out yardage on a practice range.

Bushnell feels your pain and they’ve done something about it.

Introducing the Bushnell Golf Tour V4 Slope. Billed as the perfect combination of speed, accuracy, slope and JOLT. The Tour V4 Slope uses the same slope technology the Tour uses to give you compensated distances based on each hole’s incline or decline.

That’s right, the Bushnell Golf Tour V4 Slope will even compensate and adjust the yardage depending on the slope of the hole. Take the guess work out of your club selection on that downhill par-3 or your approach to an uphill par-5. A pole in the middle of the fairway can’t do that.

Using the JOLT technology you’ll know when the Tour V4 Slope is locked onto the pin because it will give you short vibrating pulses to give you a no doubt confirmation you’ve got the exact yardage to the hole. You’ll see the distance and you’ll feel it too!
Quite simply this is the best laser rangefinder on the market and it’s completely legal as well. The Bushnell Golf Tour V4 Slope conforms with the USGA and is legal for tournament play when slope mode is disabled.


“…the perfect combination of speed, accuracy, slope and JOLT.”


Still not sold? OK, well how about this?

It’s accurate to within a one yard (I’m guessing your game is not quite as accurate). The range goes from 5 yards to a thousand and 400=plus yards to a flag. A fast focus system, ergonomic design that’s easy to grip, water resistant, battery and carrying case included! If after all that, you’re still not sold it comes with a two-year warranty it will be free of any material or production defects. You aren’t going to find another range finder with all those features anywhere else.

Bushnell is an American company headquartered in suburban Kansas City, Mo. with offices all across the globe. They are happy to answer any questions you have. Yes, an actual person who shares your passion for golf will speak with you about their product. You can find their contact information at bushnellgolf.com.

Don’t waste your time pacing off yardage from a random pole or sprinkler head and then guessing what the slope is. Get the exact yardage in the palm of your hand every time and feel confident you’ve pulled the right club!

Whether you’ve made the right swing is another story.