Looking for a durable golf glove that you don’t need to change every 10-15 rounds? The people at Caddy Daddy golf may have something in the Talon Golf Glove that may harbor your interest.

The Talon Golf Glove features the new Tack Fusion revolutionary grip technology. The materials it is made are cutting edge, last longer and play far cooler than any typical leather golf glove.

The glove provides great flexibility and feels remarkably comfortable. The grip is re-energized with a damp cloth or machine wash (doesn’t that sound convenient?)┬áCheck out this list of attributes:

  • Great feel and grip– thanks to the Tack Fusion Ultra Thin Palm
  • Full-Motion Mesh for fit and breathability
  • Micro-Suede for Maximum Comfort and Flexibility
  • Machine Washable
  • Ball Marker
  • Great grip across any condition
  • Conforms to the rules of the USGA

caddy daddy

To describe how the glove feels, imagine wearing a football catching gloves or a pair of baseball gloves. A little bit thicker, tackier and durable. This is the type of glove that will for sure add some durability to your game.

The design is quite simple aesthetically. The back has breathable mesh that is lightweight combined with micro-suede material at the fingertips, across the wrist and the knuckles, which gives the glove its durability.

However, the big deal and game breaker on this glove is its palm, with its glossy and white Tack Fusion Technology. The material has a texture similar to felt, which makes if far more comfortable while on the hand.

The palm is–by far–the tackiest glove available on the market today.

The perforated look on both the front and back of the glove helps to keep it completely ventilated and breathable.

Caddy Daddy has pushed the envelope when it comes to what a golf glove is preconceived to look like. When looking forward to a tacky, long-lasting glove, the Caddy Daddy Talon Golf Glove is your glove.

To purchase your very own glove, head here and check it out!