Is Callaway really bringing Big Bertha back? Yes indeed, its true! Rumors have been swirling about a possible return for Callaway’s classic driver name, and now this video posted by Callaway seems to confirm that Big Bertha will be back in 2014 and will be “a whole lot meaner”. That’s about all Callaway has given the fans about the new driver, leaving us curious and excited about what the new Bertha will have to offer.

In 1991, Callaway revolutionized the golf world by introducing the original Big Bertha driver. At the time, Callaway had done something radical, making the driver entirely of stainless steel while also  increasing the club head size to 190cc. Nowadays 190cc seems pretty miniscule, but thanks to the success of the Big Bertha, golf manufacturers caught on to the “bigger is better” trend. Big Bertha remained a top name in drivers through the mid 2000s by creating even bigger drivers, and eventually introducing titanium drivers to the golfing world.

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It seems that every time Callaway has dropped a new Big Bertha driver to the market, the world of drivers changes for the better – will that continue for the 2014 edition of the Big Bertha? Everybody chatting it up on Big Bertha forums seems to think so, and Phil Mickelson POSSIBLY hinted to how it works on while on Morning Drive (toward the 3 minute mark of this video), saying the new driver will give golfers the ability to raise and lower the center of gravity within the club, allowing them to raise or lower their spin rate.

In a driver world where it seems Taylor Made and Titleist dominate, Callaway coming out with a new Big Bertha driver for 2014 brings back a classic and dependable name to the market and could be just what Callaway needs to bring back some old fans.

Levi Smith

P.S. Callaway’s Twitter Page is loaded with images! CLICK HERE!