The Fly-Z driver is made for players that have a handicap of 5 to 25 looking to maximize their distance with a large amount of forgiveness. Designed with a low, fixed and back CG location, this driver produces launch angles that are mid-high for all different types of players.

Driving Series

The Cobra Fly-Z Driver is one of the most forgiving of drivers on the market at this time, yet distance is not lost on the forgiveness. The 460cc Fly-Z offers an address profile slightly larger that enabled the Cobra engineers to create a driver that is the most forgiving that Cobra has ever made.

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Because of the significant weight saved in the crown and club face, the Fly-Z has more stability on hits that are off-center than does the Fly-Z+ and can produce as much as 300 RPM more spin compared to the Fly-Z+, set in the back weighted position.

A combination of SmartPad and MyFly8 technologies gives the driver eight trajectory and loft settings between 9- and 12-degrees. The club comes in five colors including red, white, blue, orange and black. This spring the club can be purchased in green. The shaft is Matrix VLCT SP. The driver also can be purchased in a women’s model that comes optimized for the slower swingers in Ultramarine, Silver and Raspberry.

For the professionals the Fly-Z driver can stay up with the big clubs when things are just right. The driver will improve your game, as the sweet spot is as big as a baseball, which makes it difficult to miss and creates consistency.

The club has great stability through the ball erasing mistakes. The club is typical of a Cobra on contact resonant, regardless of how or where you catch it.

The Fly-Z driver makes it easier to elevate the ball with a mid to high trajectory; making baby fades or tight draws commonplace. It also makes for a head turner in your bag that looks great while standing over the ball with hits long club head and deep face.

If there is a negative to the Fly-Z, it tends to give too much spin for certain players, with some even saying they have ballooned their drives.


The bottom line is the club is a game improver that should be the right fit for many players that are mid to high handicappers.

The Fly-Z is user-friendly, forgiving and sufficiently long, although as your game gets better you could out grow it.