Gone are the King Cobra drivers of the 1990s and early 2000s. Today’s world is starting to fill up with the Cobra King drivers, specifically the Cobra King LTD driver new to Cobra’s lineup this year.

Cobra is bringing back the namesake which inserted them into the jargon of golfers in households nation wide.

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cobra LTD

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The first thing I noticed when looking at the  new Cobra driver were the design features on the bottom of the sole. A massive, disk-shaped element to the club makes it seem like a spaceship, where if we pop that piece off, little golf aliens will come spilling out of the head of the driver.

In fact, this piece is called the “SpacePort,” and it is the key element to the club’s technology– technology they teamed up to build with CASIS (Center for the Advancement for Science In Space). It’s a piece golfers with see-through capabilities so golfers can see the inner workings of the driver, including weight displacement. Of course, they’re Cobra, so the window is tinted with their classic orange fade.

I didn’t take it off, so I was unable to see if little space minions scurried from the hatch, as if they were leaving the mothership. The mystery persists.

cobra king

A view of the “SpacePort.”

But the “SpacePort” technology plays a big role in how Cobra was able to push the weight to areas of the club they wanted to, giving golfers optimal performance. More on that in a second.

During testing, I hit about 20 drivers, recording a series of five shots in the middle. For those of you who are data nerds, take a look at some of the key points.

Screenshot 2015-12-04 18.14.47 Screenshot 2015-12-04 18.15.56

Spin was very consistent, as over a five shot sample size, I didn’t exceed 3400 RPMs, but was never below 3278 RPMs. Having data this consistent tells me there is merit to the consistency of the club, even though the numbers were a bit high. After additional testing, we concluded that the increased spin numbers came from the shaft.

All reports indicate the Cobra King records the lowest spin numbers of any driver in company history, due to the lowest CG (center of gravity) ever. Their Carbon Fiber crown allows for the weight to stay lower in the head which creates this lower CG.

Per norm, the new Cobra King has an adjustable piece to the club, allowing users to change the loft of the club up to 3 degrees (9 degrees to 12), which will help to give golfers of any ability the chance to achieve ideal launching conditions for maximum distance.


With the new Cobra King model, there are two variations. The LTD is the driver used to sell to the mass public. It has three settings set for a draw option, to help a majority of golfers who struggle with hitting a slice. The loft settings go to 12 degrees, as indicated above.

In the Pro, the loft variations start at 10 degrees and move down to seven degrees. The lower loft helps fit players with more ability to create club head speed. The settings are for three fade options, as most highly skilled players are looking to keep the ball in play and find themselves less interesting in maxing out their distance.

These drivers– both models, the King LTD and the King LTD Pro– hit stores only a few weeks ago. They’ve already started to see early success, especially in the professional ranks.

Rickie Fowler, Lexi Thompson & Jonas Blixt have something new in store from their Cobra Puma family. The driver went into Rickie’s bag almost immediately, playing it back in late August 2015.

If you’re looking for a new driver for 2015, look no further than the Cobra King LTD series (or at least give it a look). The staff at Cobra Puma are incredible proud with what they’ve created and hope to serve golfers in a positive way.

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Bombs away…