It’s a golf club junkie sanctuary.

A few weeks ago while in Scottsdale on an epic golf trip, I made a stop at Cool Clubs for the first time in my golfing life. I felt I owed it to every toe chunk iron shot, or blocked wedge I’d ever hit.

Having played golf in the deserts of Arizona a throughout my collegiate golf career, I had heard of Cool Clubs, but never went. I’d worked some with a small company in Sioux Falls, SD that does club fitting in a similar way to Cool Clubs, but on a reduced scale. Cool Clubs is the Mecca of the golf world’s club fittings.

And for those of you worried about making the trip to Arizona, know Cool Clubs is nationwide.

And they’re pretty cool…

cool clubs

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About Cool Clubs

It’s important to note, Cool Clubs is the largest independent club fitting organization in the world. They say it on their websiteand they aren’t done growing. Their goal is to continue to work their way into the fibers of golfing communities worldwide, at an even grander scale. 

The CEO of Cool Clubs, Mark Timms, had founded the company in 2007. Using a background in computer science and a love for the game of golf, he helped create one of the first custom club fitting companies in 1990 and used that knowledge base to continue to push the envelope on club building. A few stops along the way, led him to his path to Cool Clubs.

Here is a video explaining the Cool Clubs process and their company’s vision:

Why Cool Clubs

When considering new clubs, you may wonder– “Why would I pay the additional dollars in labor, science, and quality to get an “expensive” set of golf clubs?”

If you’re in this camp, I would ask you a counter question.

“How expensive is it for you to lose multiple balls per round and have a poor experience on the golf course?”

At the end of the day, the team at Cool Clubs has grown determined on helping you to play better golf through their motto: Play Better Golf. If you’re serious about your game, understanding your equipment is imperative. It’s non-negotiable.

So when you decide to get fitted, know that you’re going with the best when you go with Cool Clubs. Within their stores, it’s rumored that Cool Clubs possesses almost 30,000 different shaft/head combinations. This type of variety gives them the ability to hone in the exact club needed for you to help you improve your golf game.

If you have a problem hitting it right, it might be the club. If you have a problem hooking your driver, it might be the club. If you can’t hit your irons high enough to land soft on the green, it might be the club. We all have elements of human error of course, but sometimes your shortcomings on the course might be the club. So check them out!

Why wouldn’t you take a look at the most diverse club selection in golf and work with professionals to assist your golf game?

“I have taken my high school players to touring professionals to work with Allen and Sue at Cool Clubs for many years now. Every time they have provided great insight, information and service. Hands down, they are the best in the business!”

Todd Kolb

PGA Teaching Professional

My Experience

Screenshot 2016-04-27 17.27.58

Having spent time scrolling through the golf Twitter-scape for years and getting involved in some club fitting locally, I knew of Cool Clubs. They had a strong reputation as industry leaders. When we planned the trip to Scottsdale, I knew a stop at Cool Clubs was inevitable.

When we got to the area and settled in, I went to make a reservation online via mobile device. I will say, this process was the only hiccup in my entire experience. After I little time spent trying to navigate what I thought was a bit of a clunky process on the mobile appointments (I learned Scottsdale appointments could not be made online), I made a phone call and was received by the friendly Cool Clubs staff. Truthfully, I understand the demand in Scottsdale is probably so high, that booking online becomes difficult to manage. But after a few simple minutes on the phone, I was set to go at 3:00 PM Monday afternoon.

I was excited.

After playing golf for a few days, we made the trip up to north Scottsdale to a strip mall with a world-class club fitting center inside. It’s an odd feeling, missing the store and wondering, “where the hell is this place,” only to realize it’s right there in the row of stores. It was a very unique storefront, given the world-class nature of their work.

We went inside and I was greeting by their team and introduced to my fitter, Jason.

A middle-aged guy, Jason was an easy person with whom to relate. Relational and grounded, no question felt like a stupid one. The culture at Cool Clubs seems to be built around education, evidenced by my fitting with Jason. There wasn’t an urgent bone in his body. After a few seconds to introduce ourselves, he took me to my bay and started measuring my current equipment.

Lengths, current flex, current lie, current lofts, he was getting the full scope of my equipment. I was only getting my irons done that day (I know, I know), and Jason was storing as much data as he could for the comparison to come. After getting everything entered into a spreadsheet designed specifically by the staff, he was able to show me where my inconsistencies lied.

“Actually pretty good, I’ve seen much worse,” said Jason.

It turns out my 6-iron and 7-iron were the same length and that a few of my lofts were a bit jacked. Some shafts were a bit stiff, others a fraction soft and with our information, we started the fitting.

I was asked to hit 5 shots with my 6-iron for measurement. Once we got our basic readings, Jason brought out an array of shafts, one at a time (in total 5) that he thought would fit my game. We mixed and matched the heads and shafts. Each time, we hit shots and kept 5 shots that we felt gave us the most accurate results.

After registering 25 shots (and probably hitting closer to 35), Jason had some recommendations. I’ll save you the specifics, because they’re irrelevant to my experience at the store. I will say this though– there was no bias toward any piece of equipment in the facility.

We worked through the launch angle, spin rates, club head speed and more. There was a list of data available, Jason doing his best to sift through and explain what it all meant. I was gaining a great understanding for my game and what I should be looking for giving my nature as a “sweeper,” with a shallow angle of attack.

In the end, we found an iron head and shaft combo that helped me bring my spin down a bit, increase my carry by 5 yards and give me a great feel on impact. At no point did Jason ever give the impression that he was selling to me.

Jason even went through my wedges (where there were some grave inconsistencies).

At the end of our session, Jason printed out an entire folder with a full run down of everything we’d gone over–my homework.

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Screenshot 2016-04-27 17.39.52

I didn’t make a purchase that day. But I got valuable information on my game, my tendencies and what types of equipment I should be looking for to help me play my best golf.

Jason gave me his contact information for any further information I needed.

It was professional, comfortable and unintimidating. I was wholly impressed.

Screenshot 2016-04-27 17.39.45

Trajectories during my fitting

[Now I didn’t get the grand tour of their building stations, which are pretty incredible
cool clubs


If you want to better understand your golf game, getting fit is a must.

A world-class facility like a Cool Clubs might even be overkill for you. There are many local club fitting shops that do a great job honing in equipment to help golfers of all abilities. But at the end of the day, knowing your equipment is built to help your game will be a peace of mind that you can’t replace.

If you have the chance though, a Cool Clubs experience is one you won’t forget. I would recommend it to anyone serious about their game.

So go ahead, Play Better Golf.


Want to visit a Cool Clubs, check out their Locations page.

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