Video Review: Exsite Golf Towels

By Nick Anson
May 15, 2015


Golf towels are usually just an afterthought when it comes to accessories, likely because most people don’t have a golf-specific towel in their bag.  Enter the Tour Towel by Exsite Golf, a towel designed with the golfer in mind.  And with its combination of practicality and functionality, PGA Professional Todd Kolb shows us that golf towels can be more than just something to wipe off your club heads.

PGA Professional Todd Kolb here with another Pro Review, and today I’m taking a look at the Tour Towel by Exsite Golf.  Now the golf towel is something that all golfers use every day, and we don’t really think much about it.  We kind of grab an old towel out of the garage, and we just put it on our bag and we go on with our day.  What I like about the Tour Towel by Exsite Golf is they’ve taken something we use every day in golf and they’ve added performance, and they’ve added a certain look to it.

Tour Draw

So the first thing that I want to do is let’s talk about the performance of the Tour Towel.  First of all, I like the way that it’s cut.  It’s cut thin in the middle, kind of shaped out so that it fits nice and easy over your shoulder.  It also goes through the loops of a bag very easily, so you’re not going to worry about it falling off your bag.  It also has a great microfiber; so it’s easy to dry, but it also stays wet when you need it to, to get your clubs cleaned, or the golf ball cleaned, those types of things.

It’s got some great features also in terms of branding.  So here’s an example of what we did for our club team here.  It’s called 605; we were able to put our logo on it.  So the kids love it, the parents love it; it gives some team identity.  You can put your name on it, or any company logo on it.  So it’s great for group outings or corporate outings; those types of things.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 2.51.29 PM

Another unique feature that I like about it is it’s got a spot here where you can actually write your name on it and your phone number.  If you’ve played any golf at all, at some point you’ve lost your golf towel; you’re able to do that.

It comes in a variety of colors, and Chris—the owner of it—really believes that the towel is an accessory, especially for ladies.  If you’ve got a pink outfit on for the day, you probably want a pink towel; if you’re wearing orange, maybe you want an orange towel.  So the thing that I like about Exsite Golf—there’s many of them—number one is it performs better; it’s designed specifically for golf; and it takes something like the old golf towel that you’re using and it adds performance, it adds some style to it, and it’s something that I would strongly recommend.  If you want more information about Exsite Golf or this product, be sure to visit their website.

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