If you’ve been paying attention to economic news, you know how tough the business environment is, especially for U.S. manufacturers. For a small American design and manufacturing company to have grown and thrived over the past twenty years, it must be doing something right. Fisher Golf says they are “the best kept secret in golf.” Maybe so … unless you’re Callaway or Titleist, who have each licensed Fisher Golf technologies for their own products. Or, if you live in the U.K., where Fisher Golf Putters ranked second in sales last year against huge competitors like Oddyssey, TaylorMade and Ping. Playing and winning against that type of stiff competition explains a lot about this “secret” success story.

Fisher Golf brings a scientific, research-oriented approach to materials, and a handcrafted quality to their putters. The unique aspect of these putters is their patented insert material, Kevflex. Developed by Dr. Dale Fisher and then independently tested through Cal Poly’s engineering department, Kevflex is a proprietary material unavailable through any other company. It conforms to both the USGA and the R & A’s equipment standards. Kevflex is softer than a golf ball and that means the ball reacts much differently when coming off the putter face. The ball is absorbed into the insert, rather than bouncing off of it. This eliminates directional distortion caused by the dimples on the ball. Kevflex also grips the ball and starts it rolling on a true line. Also, the insert provides an enhanced feel when putting that leads to consistency and greater distance control.

Fisher Golf places all this technology in the highest quality, hand-made putter heads. Each insert is hand cut and fitted to each head. This is a much different and more exacting process than injection molding, which is the process used on most putter inserts. In that process, hot, molten material is poured into cold metal. Fisher believes hand fitting leads to greater consistency and eliminates the distortion caused by the more industrial methods. Fisher Golf putters come in a variety of attractive, classic designs. You have a choice of head shape and hosel angles, and the putter is cut to your specified length. The technology and attention to detail are so impressive that, after twenty years of quiet success, the secret may be out of the bag.

Rick Cole