Now, available for smartphones and tablets, is an app that allows you to track, archive and look up any round of golf you’ve played. This thing could be cool, especially given it’s convenient price of “free.”

This year, Artigo Solutions released a new and free app called Global Golf Guide & Logbook that can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

Yves C. Ton-That, the award-winning author who wrote the best-selling golf book “Golf Rules Quick Reference,” developed the app after some two years worth of development. Ton-That also created the app “iGolfRules,” an app recommended by Apple.

Take a look at how it looks:


Featuring a clean interface and great map layout, now golfers can quickly and easily find all the best courses in the area in which they live, visit or are traveling through. Simple keyword search gives golfers thousands of golf courses to scroll through and utilize.

Golfers are also able to rate each course, as well as save different course information within the app itself. Create a completely customizable database of golf courses unique to you, saving all notes and information from the day’s play.

The new iPhone app covers two important facets for golfers:

  1. It is able to document rounds played
  2. It will help to choose courses for rounds in the future.

Rather than collecting club souvenirs or other memorabilia, users will always have their logbook close by with their iPhone. They are also able to rate the courses they have played and read ratings from other golfers.


The portion of the app titled ‘Golf Guide,’ contains every known golf course across the globe and gives the user all the important data needed including contact information, ratings, round planner and more.

The golfer can then plan rounds and book a tee time easily and quickly. This new amazing app is based upon a global database that on a daily basis is both maintained and expanded upon.

In the app’s Logbook portion, users enter their different rounds in their own personal logbook. There is a multitude of different information available, such as event, partners, results, photos, rating and scorecard amongst others.

The amount of data is determined by each user. The data once inputted can be then transferred chronologically or onto a map.

All rounds that are played can also be share with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

The different rounds played will be stored in one place that is well organized, easy to find and easy to peruse.

Just enter the iTunes App Store and download the new Golf Guide & Logbook and you can keep track of all your personal golfing history and find or rate the different golf courses across the globe.

Remember, it’s free!