Golf Etiquette Quick Reference Review

By Mike Dojc
November 5, 2014


The Emily Post of golf course conduct, Yves C. Ton-That’s spiral ringed Golf Etiquette Quick Reference flipbook is the perfect stocking stuffer for the newbie golfer still finding their bearings out on the course. Courtesy and integrity are hallmarks of the game so learning proper etiquette both in dealing with fellow players and showing respect for the course itself goes a long way.

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Divided into eight sections, color coded tabs make it a cinch to reach your desired chapter in a snap. This handy plastic coated illustrated guide gives you the scoop on everything from how to repair pitch marks on the green to how to rehash your round on the 19th hole: “please do not describe the round in detail—talking about it may be enjoyable but listening to it is most probably not.

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The essentials are dealt out clearly and succinctly and salted with the occasional comical entry to keep the reading light.  In the tee section there’s an entry on lame excuses that informs golfers that it’s bad form to prematurely apologize for your lack of skills. The clothing guidelines which cover what not to wear and proper footwear also contain this precious nugget on wearing shorts abroad: “In certain countries, shorts are only permitted in combination with knee-high socks.”

Despite only clocking in at a slight 48-pages, thin enough to fit in even the tightest stand bag pocket for easy reference, it covers a wide gambit of territory including a chapter on inclement weather preparedness, specifically thunder storms, that includes a guide to helping out a player hit by lightening.

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