Hopkins Golf has a selection of wedges that are top quality, but priced right for all golfers. Getting custom wedges that are good quality usually means a big expense, however Hopkins has made it a bit less painful when it is time to pay for them.

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The former CEO at Cleveland Greg Hopkins founded Hopkins in June of 2013. Hopkins like many golf manufacturers of today have gone out of their way to make their clubs more personal.

It is not only about custom-fit clubs any longer, but they now must be personalized. A number of companies have taken personalization to a new height and Hopkins Golf is likely the leader in the clubhouse in that regard.

This commercial may look familiar:

Hopkins had just one goal upon its start and that was to bring a wedge that was Tour level with personalization to the masses.

Hopkins Golf Website

What makes it even more enticing to own a Hopkins wedge is you not only have personalization and tour level quality, but a price that will not make you sell the house to buy it.

Buying a Hopkins wedge, which includes engraved initials to stamped icons to the paint color of the engraving and stamping, is as easy as going to their website.

A single wedge has a base price and the prices then vary according to personalization. Custom colors are an extra $15 per club and engraving and stamping are $30 more per club.

Check out their full YouTube page here

There is a large variety of shafts, grips and ferrule colors.

All of the wedges at Hopkins are made exactly the same for the novice player as they are for the professional. The Hopkins wedges are one of the most popular wedges used on the Champions Tour.

The Hopkins CJ-1 uses a C-grind on its 64ยบ wedge and does a very good job of it. The grind leaves just the right amount to leave some sole at the middle of the club, but takes enough at the edges to open it for trickier shots.

They give you good bite on the ball. The grind seems to give good control of the ball from out of the rough or a clean lie. Each shot with the wedge seems more predictable that with other wedges.

The feel of firmness you get from the Hopkins wedge translates into more durability.
The Hopkins wedges not only allow you to have all the personalization you want, but with the correct grinds, the wedges will make your short game even better.