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Does your golf game need a kick start?

One good place to start is with a premium golf ball and you do not have to look any further than one of the sport’s newest premium balls – Kick X Tour Z.

This ball could be what you need to send your game to the next level. Might as well give it a try? The ball has a cover that feels as squishy and soft and an old balata, but performs dramatically better, in some sense.

The ball is tacky and soft which allows for precision control on each shot into the green as well has those around the green. It’s this featured with makes it “very spinny” and if stopping the ball has been a problem, look no further than the Kick X Tour Z.

However, as is true with many soft balls, Kick X claims to give up no performance on the tee, which often happens with balls that spin a great deal. This ball booms off the tee just as well as the rest of them.

The Metal Fuzion Core helps give the ball balance, which helps it fly further off any club in your bag.

The Z Aline Alignment System of this ball means you no longer have to search for a marker. The 3-line system on the side of the ball helps you to figure out exactly where the ball needs to line up for your putt and puts you on the line you need to hit on.

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The ball conforms to the rules and regulations of the USGA so that means no worries about DQs when the ball helps you outplay your playing partner or competitors.

The ball’s cover tends to scruff up a bit faster than other balls, but that is a small price to pay for finding a ball that has a soft cover that is top quality.

Driving Series

Distance–the ball’s distance seems far in front of others but you still maintain the feel. The ball spins more and comes to a stop quicker than most balls, so that makes it a good ball to have in your bag.

Control–the ball’s cover is very soft without being too soft, which makes the core all that more important. It feels good coming off every club from the tee with the driver to the green with a putter. The balance is incredible with its Metal Fuzion Core.

Durability–this might be the only knock on the ball since it does scuff up somewhat, but with all the other positives, the scuffing can be overlooked if it adds to your game and lowers your scores.