Kick X Golf Ball Review

The team at Kick X have attempted to take on something that is nearly impossible– to enter the golf ball industry with their Kick X TourZ golf ball.

As any avid golfer knows, Titleist has a complete strangle-hold on the golf ball market.

But the Kick X TourZ is rumored and advertised as the longest premium golf ball in golf. And it is advertising “kick x golf balls free trials.”

We decided to dive into everything this product is covering.

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Science Behind the Product

The kick x golf balls feature a 3-piece design.

The ball first features an aerodynamic tour-soft cover. This urethane cover is the same cover featured by some of the other best golf balls on the market. A soft, urethane cover will provide golfers with exceptional feel around the greens and the ability to control spin with success.

The Kick X TourZ’s power enhancement core casing boasts a polymer energy transfer providing maximum power and enhanced control. This is said to add stability to the Kick X Tour Z golf balls giving golfers gains in accuracy.

The metal fuzion core is perhaps the most esteemed element of the golf ball. It is an impact reactive metal infused core which is said to give golfers the highest level C.O.R. for explosive distance off the tees.

C.O.R. (Coefficient of Restitution)the ratio of the relative velocity after impact to the relative velocitybefore the impact of two colliding bodies, equal to 1 for an elasticcollision and 0 for an inelastic collision.

The USGA limits drivers at .83 COR. This metric is otherwise known as the “trampoline effect.”

The golf ball is built for optimum ball flight, trajectory and roll out. All of this, while still responding on and around the greens.

kick x golf balls review

Diagram of the kick x golf ball featured in this review

Z-Aline System

The company calls this the “Proprietary Z-Aline System™” and gives golfers the optimum aiming capabilities. Aim the three lines where you want to start the ball and see how the product performs.

Golfers (on the commercials, at least) rave at the ability to aim this golf ball on the greens– although I don’t see any differentiating factor between this and lining up a few Sharpee lines by hand. Perhaps because it doesn’t wear out.

kick x tour z

The kick x tour z sure is a good looking golf ball

USGA Conforming

The KickX TourZ golf ball is a USGA conforming golf ball. This means anyone, playing any event is allowed to use this golf ball and be within the designated rules of the game. No issues at all!

Quote from KickX Golf

“The Tour·Z™ will increase your shot distance and improve your play through its precision control. Advanced triple layered construction provides superior feel and the ultimate in scoring performance. Secondly, the Tour Z’s main core is constructed using proprietary Metal Fuzion Core™ technology to provide maximum C.O.R. – delivering higher ball speeds for explosive distance.”

Kick X Golf Ball’s Website–

Professional Endorsement

In the words of Bruce Fleisher, former PGA Tour and Champions Tour player:

“I’m hitting it further, it’s softer, it’s unbelievable around the greens, you can control it spin it. These lines on the top you can line it up with the driver, par 3s and on the greens, it’s like stealing.”

Fleisher is credentialed in the game as well. His 18 wins on the Champions Tour gives him more than players like Tom Watson, Jay Haas, Raymond Floyd, Dave Stockton, Fred Couples and Tom Kite. He is also the 1968 U.S. Amateur champion and has a PGA Tour victory. His opinion is to be valued when it comes to performing products.

He endorses the KickX Tour Z golf ball.

GolfLife reviewed the ball back in April 2014


Be careful when making your order for a “FREE TRIAL” though, there have been reports of scams associated with the order of the Kick X Golf Balls.


The KickX fine print as it reads on the bottom of their website:

By accepting the $.99 shipping charge, the viewer will be registered for the auto-fill program. Once registered, they will be charged for the first month of balls + any applicable taxes and other charges/fees. Void where prohibited. Please see Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy on Site for details. Free 30 day trial includes 99 cents S&H to the continental US. Tour Z balls are just $39.95 per dozen. Get free shipping on future shipments with our monthly refill program. You can cancel any time! Call 1-888-368-5287 for more details.

Playing Review

Now it is January here in the Midwest. Since we are located in Sioux Falls, SD, we are unable to conduct any outside testing. If you want to hear what we think from a testing standpoint. Contact our team by commenting on the article below.

There you have it, everything you need to know about the KickX TourZ golf ball.

Good luck, hopefully this helps you in deciding whether or not this golf ball may be the right one for your game.