Holding pants around your waistline seems like a rudimentary endeavor. It shouldn’t require much. A string, yarn, rope, tape–it should all do. Keep the pants up.

But belts provide so much more.

Belts, as we know them today, are as much style as they are function. They are a piece of a wardrobe and an element of expression. They are practical, but they offer people the chance to tell a story about themselves. Similar to a shoe, a belt is an outward expression of the inward emotion.

Add a mission to the fold, and you’re onto one of the fastest rising tides in the belt industry.

See, Mission Beltthe belt with no holes and an amazing mission. 

We first met the Mission Belt over a year ago at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL. After meeting them, we felt they had something different going on. Once we experienced their product and heard their story, we knew they had something different. Read for yourselves, our story done last spring of the Mission Belt.

In an industry that may feel stagnant to those on the outside, for the innovators, belts are an ever-changing field.

This group is definitely one of the leaders in the belt industry–in both innovation and mission.

First shown to the world on Shark Tank in Season 4, CEO Nate Holzapfel struck a deal with fashion mogul Daymond John and launched the world-famous brand we know today. They now sell belts worldwide, offer full licensing of various professional leagues and continue to push the envelope on belt design.

And everything they do maintains their mission.

Mission Belt has continued to expand and innovate. This is true in the launching of their 2015 lines, both the “Browns” and the “Nylons.”

mission belt

The Browns Collection

The Browns Collection is a classy addition to the Mission Belt offering.

With different shades including brown, tan, mocha, chocolate and dark brown, they have enough brown to quench your need for brown. While a black belt, or any various color of belt, works great for many occasions, sometimes the simplicity of a brown belt add dignity and class to any outfit.

They offer their belts with any of their buckles, and a few of the combinations really jump. Although my buckle was steel, the combination of both bronze and iron both looked really good. See both samplings at their browns collection page.

The quality of the leather was again, unmatched. A beautiful looking belt, this brown belt from Mission Belt is one that I look forward to donning at weddings, golf courses and the like for many moons to come.

mission belt

Screenshot 2016-02-18 15.33.21

The Nylon Collection

mission belt

On the Nylons, cofounder of Mission Belt Co. Jeff Jensen had this to say.

“We are excited to offer our customers an alternative to our traditional leather belts with the Nylon collection. This line is the perfect addition for anyone looking for a more casual and rugged belt that fuses utility and style with our no holes approach.”

The Nylons offer consumers a durable nylon webbing strap (the belt), coupling it with a matte finish buckle–the classic Mission Belt look. Their signature “no hole buckle” applied again to their Nylons line caps off a wonderful product. Within their line are the following styles:

  • Stealth (black nylon)
  • Carrier (grey nylon)
  • Tactical (blue nylon)
  • Flare (orange nylon)
  • Storm (tan nylon)
  • Commando (camouflage nylon)
  • Predator (green nylon)

View the full lineup on their website

mission belt

My first impression of the Nylon belt was the apparent quality. The durability the belt promises was obvious from the outset. Running my fingers across the Nylon felt like I was gracing the backpack of an Army Ranger fighting overseas–an impenetrable feeling.

That authentic durable belt, married with the gorgeous stainless steel finish on the buckle gives this belt a wonderful look.

When I think about this Nylon belt, I think versatility.

This belt works well in a few different formal settings, but it’s a belt to be used everyday. With the nylon downplaying the color, it’s a belt that matches well with most all casual outfits (although I’m not necessarily a known a “fashionista”). I enjoy wearing it daily, as it easily finds a home with my wardrobe.

The Nylon collection is a wonderful one.

Visit the Mission Belt YouTube Page Here!