“I love you…I love you,” said Shark Tank investor and business tycoon Mark Cuban. His comment was directed toward Mission Belt founder Nate Holzapfel during Season Four of the hit television series Shark Tank.

Holzapfel introduced his product–an innovative belt–to the sharks, striking a deal with fashion mogul Daymond John for $50,000 to help expand business. Both parties were absolutely ecstatic to strike a deal. But the question remains–what is so special about a measly belt?

I have a secret to share: the Mission Belt is, indeed, special.

Blow up hole

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The Belt

The belt itself, is a tremendously unique piece of belt technology–something I have never seen in a product as simple as a belt. It is a belt, with no holes!

One of the first elements I noticed of the belt was the quality, from the leather to the buckle. The leather is a material, coated with a finish that also gives the belt an appeal for all occasions.

But the magic of the Mission Belt comes with the buckle. The buckle has a clean, stainless steel face with a subtle Mission Belt logo. My belt is black.

The best feature of the buckle comes with the release. Take a look at the second image below. The bean shaped lever with the dimples is the ‘release’ and it is essential for fitting the belt once you put it on. It works perfectly. Belt too tight? Lift the release and slide it a few notches. The usability is ideal.

Gone are the days where a belt has only 5 holes and now you must select the size you want for the day. The Mission Belt has re-invented belt fitting with their one-of-a-kind sizing. I counted the sizes on my Mission Belt. It has 32 different notches–meaning 32 different sizes per belt! That adds considerably to comfortability.

They do have actually sizes though:

  • Small – size 28-32 inch waist
  • Medium – size 33-35 inch waist
  • Large – size 36-38 inch waist
  • Extra Large – size 39-42 inch waist
  • Custom – up to size 56 inch waist (You will receive a long leather that you can then resize down to the perfect fit using these instructions: Resizing your Mission Belt)
Full look at the Mission Belt

Full look at the Mission Belt

This buckle is absolutely fantastic! The latch at the top (with the bumps) releases the belt.

This buckle is absolutely fantastic! The latch at the top (with the bumps) releases the belt.

Screenshot 2015-04-01 12.11.41

The sizes are endless!

What is the ‘mission?’

The mission behind Mission Belts works two-fold. Not only do they have a mission to re-invent “belt wearing,” but they have a mission to help the world as well.

One dollar from every Mission belt purchase is donated. Read about the mission here. They have goals to help feed people suffering from hunger worldwide. Their approach focuses more on empowering people through a sustainable system of teaching them how to provide for themselves, breaking out of the poverty cycle.

All donating is done through a process called ‘micro-lending,’ where they work with a company called Kiva. A huge part of their company is revolved around being socially responsible. They’ve helped raise over 18,000 of the micro-loans.

Check out all of the donations they’ve made worldwide! (Click here)


Mission Belt works on all levels.

Their product is high-quality and has a top-notch innovation in the buckle. The mission is phenomenal. Another facet is their versatility, as they feature a vast offering of colors, shades, designs, textures and patterns. They offer logo belts. They have licensing with the NCAA, NBA and NHL.

They have products that appeal to all tastes through their varieties, have practicality with the product and offer consumers the opportunity to help world missions.

Mission Belt is the complete package.

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