We’re hearing from Bobby Jones golf and mybobbyjones.com again. Hybrids it is!

But before we get too deep, note this is not a review of the club, it is an overview. For any of you looking to try or have tried this club, we’d love your comments in the section below. Let’s talk hybrids and their value in the game. We want you to have the dialogue on this debate with the Bobby Jones hybrid.

Hybrids vs. Long Irons

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The debate between carrying a long iron, or a hybrid has been an extensive one in golf circles. For some golfers, it’s obvious. For others, not so much. Both clubs offer their own benefits with conditions, style of play and skill level all playing part in this decision. There is no right answer to cover all golfers!

Overall, for the high majority of golfers, carrying a hybrid is the wise choice.

With a hybrid, golfers are going to have more forgiveness, add more height to their ball flight (higher apex on trajectory), and have more versatility from different lies on the golf course. This is going to help the vast majority of golfers who can’t play golf to a low handicap. Even among low handicap players, many will carry hybrids in their bag because of the benefits the club offers.

Heck, even Tour pros.

PGA Tour veteran Graeme McDowell explains in the video here with Srixon, long irons and hybrids and briefly, some of the main differences in performance.

Companies throughout the industry have worked to create the perfect hybrid. Some have worked with the face, trying to create the most efficient and forgiving face possible. Others have focused on the weight distribution to get optimal ball flight. Throughout the landscape of golf, each company feels like theirs is the best offering for golfers.

But that’s enough of talking just about hybrids. Let’s dive into the specifics.

Now like stated above, if you’ve been watching the Golf Channel, you may have seen a club that offers all of the benefits of a hybrid, while boasting that it is better than anything on the market. This is the Bobby Jones hybrid offered at mybobbyjones.com.

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The Bobby Jones Hybrid

You remember Jesse Ortiz, right? If you’ve watched the Golf Channel with regularity over the past 20 years, you’ll know his name or perhaps, recognize his face. He’s back and he’s discussing the Bobby Jones Black hybrid.

To order, golfers are encouraged to visit mybobbyjones.com and learn more about the club, as well as listen to testimonials from golfers who are advocates of the club’s promises. 

One of the main benefits of the Bobby Jones hybrid is the curvature of the sole. See, in the image below, how the base of the club has a subtle curve to it’s shape?

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Many hybrids do not have this feature. The hybrids we see today have a squared-off sole, featuring many straight lines. This is said to distribute the weight of the club, add stability to impact and create a more forgiving club–something that club manufacturers are looking for when designing clubs to assist the masses.

After all, in theory, it makes sense!

But the Bobby Jones mentality is different. They believe that this curvature in the sole allows the club to work better from a variety of different lies.

“Your hybrid should also be designed to get you out of trouble,” says Ortiz.

Therein lies the key. We aren’t perfect–neither as people, nor golfers. Probably especially the latter. We’re going to find ourselves in the fescue, in fairway bunkers, in deep rough and on the oft-beaten track. Where many hybrids work great from good lies, the team at Bobby Jones golf says this is where they see failure. Their design is not equipped to handle imperfect lies.

The Bobby Jones hybrid promises to be the best recovery club in your golf bag. They even offer a 30-Day money back guarantee for golfers unsatisfied with the club!

With that, the lie angle and adjustability are key.

Not every golfer is the same. Not every golfer has the same lie angles and preferences. Having a club that is set for you–NOT boughten off the “rack”– is key to getting true performance. This club is

Here is a video from a few years back, with Bobby Jones discussing club design and their hybrid for 2013.


According to the Bobby Jones golf team, the average hybrid being sold on the open market today goes for $227. With the confidence they have in their club, they are making an offer at $179, a significant decrease from their stated average price of hybrids on today’s market.

This is an offer they say will only last while the supplies do. Some will be left behind.

For more information on the Bobby Jones hybird, you’re encouraged to visit mybobbyjones.com.