Putters are prized personal possessions.

You don’t have too look far for proof. How often do we watch our buddies buy a new set of clubs yet keep their putter?

This certainly is the case for me. I play with a Ping Darby putter. I won it in a golf outing many years ago. It was definitely an upgrade for me at the time. As I became more comfortable with it, I just hung on to it. I am now on my third set of clubs with this Ping putter.

It has never really occurred to me to replace it either. I mean – how much technology can you put into a putter to overcome the comfortable feeling of your old reliable club!?

Well, if you ask the staff at PnP Golf – a lot. I recently started to play with their SX-1 Model Putter.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 9.47.16 AM

The SX-1 model putter is a customizable, perimeter weighted mallet style putter. It uses three weight inserts to offer either a change in weight or to create the optimal weight balance to meet individual preferences and maximize MOI.

It features a high contrast directional alignment pointer to deliver improved accuracy. This directional pointer is silver set against a grass background and provides an easy focal point to keep the putter square to the target line.

My first hurdle with the SX-1 was definitely its looks. My Ping Darby is more like a blade putter vs a mallet putter. One commonly accepted difference between these two styles is that blade putters generally have a more classic look to them. I like a classic, clean look for my clubs versus those that scream “Look at me!”.

While the SX-1 is not the worst violator in the bunch, and perhaps doesn’t scream “Look at me”, it still asks! Anyway, after an initial reluctance, and after I started making some consistent putts, I started to believe I could make every putt. The heck with “looks” – I was hooked!

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 9.48.56 AM

The perimeter weighting and high MOI of the SX-1 is designed to reduce twisting and increase forgiveness. That was my experience. This putter is solid and stable (just like their Rake Wedge). There is excellent feedback on ball contact and putts seem to consistently hold their line.

So what about your prized possession?  With so many putters on the market there is really no excuse not to try something different.  While you probably won’t see the SX-1 model putter in any Golf Digest reviews, and that’s a shame, it is definitely worth consideration.

I think my Ping Darby is now in retirement.