PNP Golf distinguishes themselves as the “short game innovators.” It says it on their site. Now who wouldn’t like to associate their own personal short game with the very people who work to innovate it? It’s a match made in heaven. At the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show, we were able to catch up with Eddie Heinen who discussed the Rake Wedge series and the Point N Putt putter from PNP Golf.

To start, the Rake wedge is one of the more unique style wedges I’ve ever seen. Upon first glance, I was reminded of the old “Knife” 3-woods from La Jolla golf with the bottom grooves of the wedge. These grooves are designed to help the wedge more easily “drive through” the sand and rough with less surface area potentially being caught during the strike.

Eddie also points out the advantage of “dual bounce,” which gives golfers a variety of options in which they can play shots. With a heavier head, the club will have more authority when working through difficult lies – creating an easier shot especially for higher handicap players. Designed by Paul Donohue, this wedge has golfers getting fantastic response from any lie on the course.

Another great product from PNP Golf is their Point N Putt putter. One of the unique features of the Point N Putt putter is the directional pointer which isn’t connected to the face of the putter.

Through research, the people at PNP Golf were able to discover that golfers find the putter 16.5% easier to line up. With adjustable weights on the bottom of the putter to help stabilize the putter head for any stroke. They’ve even added lines to the face for softer feel in this putter than their initial putter.

Watch our interview with Eddie Heinen below, discussing the new products from PNP Golf:

Overall, it is an exciting product line at PNP Golf. Visit their website today http://pnpgolf.com/. With a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, the company boasts a confidence only a fool would ignore.

Seriously, what do you have to lose? Try their products!

Troy Klongerbo (Twitter: @troy_usgolftv)

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