If the golf course you play has heavy, gnarly rough around the greens, then you might benefit from watching a video from PGA teaching professional Todd Kolb, lead teaching professional for USGolfTV, on how to hit a chip shot out of deep rough using a lob wedge.

The video is available on YouTube (or you can watch it below):


“When your ball comes to rest in that thick, deep grass,” Kolb explains, “there are three things we need to be able to do to hit this shot.”  The professionally edited video runs slightly under two and half minutes and nicely illustrates the steps to follow to hit out of heavy hay and onto the green.

“The first thing that we need is loft.  Loft is your friend when hitting out of the tall grass and that’s why I like the Rake Lob Wedge from PNP Golf.  It has 60 degrees of loft, and it also has the rail design on the bottom of the club which allows it to stay square and to hit through the turf.”

Once you have the right club, you’re one-third of the way to being able to hit the shot and escape the rough.


“The second thing you need in terms of actually executing the shot is, you need speed.”

The reason you need speed is because the grass is thick and long and it will hinder the club on a normal swing and the shot will end up short. “If the club is traveling slow, the grass is going to grab the club and close its face and bad things are going to happen,” states Kolb.

The third element to hitting the short shot out of heavy, thick rough is to maintain the proper angle of the club head through the ball.

“You need what we call the proper angle of attack,” Kolb says.  “What this means basically is that we need the club traveling into the ball at the proper angle.”

How do you achieve that?

“If you’re a right-handed golfer, move the ball back in your stance toward your right foot.  Now when you do that, be sure that you also move the handle of the club slightly back. Why do we do that?  You’ll recall that the first thing we need for this shot is loft.  When you leave the handle in front you actually de-loft the golf club. So move the ball back in your stance but also move the handle back to keep the loft of the golf club.”

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No matter what brand of golf club you use for this shot, the fundamentals are the same, but Kolb says the club does matter.  “With the rail design on the Rake Lob Wedge, it makes it even easier” to hit the shot.

The Rake Lob Wedge by PNP Golf can be ordered at the PNP Golf website for $139.