PNP Siteline Chipper: A Club That Could Save You Strokes

By Ann Marie Roberts
August 11, 2016


A perfect drive down the middle of the fairway, followed by a great second shot just short of the green. Does it get any better, you ask yourself?

Well, it would seem that way, that is until you realize you were just in front of the green in two shots, and then you ask yourself, “how did I end up finishing that hole with a score of 6?” Does this happen to you more than you would like to admit… where the short game is ruining your golf game? Well, lucky for you there is a solution that will help make those high numbers start to disappear.

PNP Golf is the short game innovators. Paul Donaghue invented the Point-N-Putt putter and has now developed the chipper. This easy, yet sophisticated concept will have you more confident in your short game in no time.

The Siteline Chipper is crafted with an anti-dig flat sole and has an “All Square” design. Much like the putter, the chipper is designed to have your eyes directly over the ball at setup.

The top of the club is designed with a white tear drop that when lined up properly fits nicely into the indentation at the top of the club. This will give you immediate visual feedback that the club is in the correct position and your eyes are over the ball. You can make the stroke with confidence knowing the club and you are set up correctly.


“…the chipper is designed to have your eyes directly over the ball at setup.”


The short game, as you well know, is probably the most important part of the game. For some golfers, it’s the most difficult aspect to learn, develop, and to become confident with. The PNP Chipper is helping golfers of all abilities make the short game a little bit easier. You can use the chipper in the rough, fairway, and the bunker. It is even effective a little bit further away from the green.

I know some of you golfers out there will balk at the idea of the chipper. If you have to go to the chipper you might as well admit defeat…right? Wrong! And the reason is, when it comes to the short game, it is no longer about distance. It now becomes a game of accuracy. If you want to be the golfer that can knock it out there 250 yards and feel good about taking 6’s, 7’s and even 8’s, well, then keep on swinging away. I just hope I get the chance to play you, and play you for a lot of money!

As for the golfer that realizes all hope is not lost on the short game and that there is a club out there that can help you make a more accurate player around the green with confidence and ease, then go try out the PNP Chipper.

With a money back guarantee standing behind it and the fact that it will make your scores around the green drop you cannot go wrong with the PNP Chipper.

Give it a try!

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