PNP SX1 Putter: Learn Proper Aim on the Putting Surfaces

By Bradley W. Smith
August 12, 2016


Golfers have a very odd relationship with their putters.

A lot of golfers lose track over the number of different putters they’ve used in a given year or couple of years. They fill up an extra bag in the garage full of discarded putters, their fate sealed by too many 3-putt greens. Others, like myself, have used the same putter for as long as they can remember.

After Jack Nicklaus won the 1986 Masters, my dad went out and bought the same giant MacGregor Response putter Jack used to win at Augusta. If it worked for the Golden Bear at age 46, maybe it will work for my dad? It didn’t. Despite his best attempts, my dad found the putter just too big for liking and went back to a more traditional looking one. Dad gave me the MacGregor and I couldn’t miss that summer. I was holing every putt I looked at. I didn’t change my stroke but the putter and I clicked and I’ve never used anything else since then.

With so many putters on the market today, you need one to help you get lined up properly before you can even think about holing more putts.

The fine men and women at PNP Golf are short game innovators and they have come out with the PNP SX1 putter to help your game. A lot of golfers focus on where they want the ball to end up and not where it needs to be started. You won’t face many flat, straight putts so it makes no sense to aim at the hole if you’re looking at a couple inches or feet of break. Seems like a simple concept, and frankly it is.

In the video below, Todd Kolb talks abut the PNP SX1 putter and the value of proper aim:

The PNP SX1 putter has several design features to help you get the ball started right. The first is a weight-balanced face. An equal distribution of the weight is going to make aligning the putter much easier. The PNP SX1 putter is also equipped with a directional aid pointing right at the sweet spot of the putter.

Once you’ve determined the break and line you want your putt to START on, line up your ball with the words on the ball (doesn’t matter what brand of ball you play, they all have the make printed in a line) pointing on the same line. Now you can use the directional aid on the PNP SX1 to double check your lined up properly. These helpful features should take some of the indecision and inconsistency out of your putting.

No putter is a cure-all of course. A proper stroke and proper speed still matter, but chances are a lot of your missed putts can be attributed to improper alignment. The cure for that is simple. Let the PNP SX1 putter get you started on the right path to better scores.

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