PNP Rake Wedge L Series:  New Tweaks Help Wedge Performance & Versatility

Hitting wedge shots buried in long grass or plugged in bunkers can be intimidating, unless you have a wedge that you trust.  The PNP Rake Wedge has an innovative rail system, which is designed to help the club stay square through these tough shots.  The new Rake Wedge L Series has lower bounce to help with shots on tighter lies, and Todd Kolb shows us how this sleek wedge can get golfers out of the toughest of situations.

I’m golf professional Todd Kolb with another pro review; and today I’m taking a look at the Rake Wedge L Series by PNP Golf.  As a golf instructor, when I look at wedges, what I’m looking for is playability, and some key characteristics that are going to make those shots around the green a little bit easier.  Now when I look at the Rake Wedge, I want to talk a little bit about some of the unique characteristics that separate it from other wedges on the market; and then I also want to talk a little bit about some of the things they tweaked this year with the L Series.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 12.03.44 PM

So the first thing you’re going to notice right away is on the bottom here—this kind of rail design.  That’s kind of really the signature point for PNP Golf in their wedges.  And what I like about it, first of all, is it’s got more weight on the bottom; and the more weight on the bottom allows the club to get through the turf like in those longer, thick-grass types of shots, or even especially in the bunker.  I’ve given this wedge to a couple of my players who really struggled in the bunker, and that extra weight on the bottom allowed them to get those shots out real easy.

And also, like I said earlier, this design on the bottom—kind of the rails—what that allows the club to do is as it enters that thick grass or the bunker, it allows the face to stay nice and square, which is a key component to hitting quality golf shots.  So those are a couple of the unique things about that; when you grab it or you get your hands on the Rake Wedge L Series from PNP Golf, you’re going to notice right away—it’s the first thing your eyes going to go to—is on the bottom, kind of that rail design and the extra weight down there.

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Now a couple of things that they’ve tweaked this year, because anytime you come out with something new and you’ve got something that’s working, you’re not going to overhaul it; you’re going to have a couple tweaks to it.  So what have they done to make it better?  Well the first thing is that they’ve lowered the bounce.  Before, they had about 26 degrees of bounce; now it’s down to 20.  What does that mean?  Well, it allows you to hit those shots from the fairway, where the grass is maybe a little tighter, or the lie is a little firm; it allows you to hit that shot a little bit easier.  So the less bounce on that I actually like, because I think it makes those shots from the fairway a little bit easier.

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A couple other things that I, of course, always like about it is the look; and that’s one of the things that they’ve tweaked this year.  It’s more of a traditional, kind of standard look, and anytime you’re playing short game shots—putters, wedges—you’ve got to have something that looks good to the eye.  I like the things that they’ve tweaked a little bit this year, because they’ve made it just a little bit more of a traditional look.

The other thing they did is on the heel here—right on the bottom—they added zero bounce.  So basically, they’ve really flattened that part out.  Now that becomes helpful when you want to open the face a little bit, and you don’t really want to have a lot of bounce; you want to open the face, you’ve got zero bounce on there, it kind of allows you to really hit some specialty shots.

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So when you’re looking at a wedge, as a golf instructor or as a player, you’re looking for playability, and is it going to make some of those shots around the green that are really difficult easier.  Thick grass and bunkers are the two things that I see most often.  The Rake Wedge is going to allow you to do that; their new Rake Wedge L Series, the new tweaks I really like, and it’s a wedge where if you need some help around the short game area, it’s a wedge I’m going to strongly recommend.