I recently played a few rounds of golf with a rake. It was legal– and it was fun!

Of course it wasn’t a real rake but The Rake Wedge from PnP golf – the Short Game Innovators.

The Rake is a Dual Bounce Rail Design Wedge crafted to give the advantages of bounce without the large bounce lobe.  Ok – so what the heck does that mean?!  The way I understand it, the Rake has 15˚ of entry bounce to keep it from digging into the sand/grass but 0˚ of sole bounce to provide control off of thin lies.  The rails on the sole provide additional drag reduction allowing sand and grass to flow freely so the club can maintain its momentum.

I evaluated The Rake Lob Wedge, standard weight with 60˚ loft.

The Rake and PNP Putters Article, February 2014

So – how did it perform?

The first thing I noticed was the weight.  This is a heavier wedge than I am used to with most of the weight felt in the club head.  That required some adjustment time.  Perhaps it forced me to become more deliberate with my swing?  However, once I was comfortable with this club, I found it very responsive to the ball strike and I could sense where the club was at all times. I felt in total control and ball contact was solid.  The Rake slided smoothly through sand and turf interaction was minimal.  It just kept moving.

The second thing I noticed was club control.  I evaluated The Rake without first reading about it and so I was not surprised to learn how its design prevents twisting and turning over.  No doubt about it – this club is stable.

My only concern is how different this club feels from the rest of my clubs.  It takes some effort to adjust to the feel, but once you make the adjustment, The Rake delivers.  Also, the look is a bit noisy but I am not bothered by these aesthetics.

The Rake is a nice club.  If you take the time to become comfortable with it, I think you will be pleased with the results.


The Rake and PNP Putters Article, February 2014