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Titleist Pro v1x Review

Titleist is beginning to unveil the 2015 model of its world-famous and industry-leading ProV1 and ProV1x golf ball. Our resident PGA professional Todd Kolb received a dozen Titleist pro v1 2015 to work with last week.

He shared some observations about the performance of the new ball.

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Traditional look of a Titleist golf ball

Todd’s first impression was that of the appearance of the golf ball:

“The first thing I noticed was the great, traditional look of a Titleist golf ball. It’s that great, classic look we’ve all come to love from Titleist which has made it the #1 Ball in Golf.”

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New Titleist pro v1x Golfball Review

As a golfer myself, I agree the look of the ProV1 line is extremely appealing. The lettering, crisp clean lines and unique dimple patterning is comforting to my golf-loving eyes. A brand new ProV1 or ProV1x golf ball glistens differently in the fairway, doesn’t it? Todd echoed this statement as it doesn’t seem Titleist wanted to tamper with their signature look. And that is a good thing.

Softer feel around the green

Todd noted secondly, a soft feel around the greens:

“It definitely seemed a little softer around the greens, specifically off the putter face.”

Now remember, this is the feel of the PGA professional who has been teaching and playing the game for 20+ years. His feel with a prototype ProV1 or ProV1x is probably more acute than the norm, but a testament to softer golf ball is always a good thing. I love soft feel. Everyday golfers must too, with the amount of marketing generated for softer feeling golf balls and golf clubs by the industry.

Durability in play

The final note Todd made was about durability:

“The ball didn’t seem to scuff up as much. I played 18 holes with the same golf ball and never felt the need to change it. Hit it in the trees a few times and it didn’t seem to matter. It held up fantastic.”

As expensive as golf balls are today, who wants to use 4-5 different balls per day, coupled with losing their fair share in water hazards and bushes? The answer is probably no one. Added durability to an already premium performance golf ball is a great thing. To me, it’s Titleist saying, “we appreciate your business, and want to make the best product possible for you.”

In today’s world, a majority of companies seem eager to make as much money as possible. Isn’t it ironic how warranties seem to expire on vehicles and they start breaking down more often? Products aren’t always made with durability in mind. Titleist could make balls like the old balatas, with exemplary performance with no care about the maintenance of the ball. But they didn’t. They made a more durable ball without any negative tradeoffs.

A recap of the 2015 Titleist ProV1/ProV1x Prototype:

1. Great, traditional look of a Titleist golf ball

2. Seemingly softer feel around the green, particularly off the putter face

3. Durability in play

We’re excited to see these new golf balls 2015 hit the shelves. We’re even more excited to see them hit our club faces….

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