At the PGA Show, there is a certain bombardment of products– a considerable product overload that takes place. But given the time to sit, talk (and be pulled over) by the owners and developers of these products, calmness sets back in and the true beauty of these product innovators is revealed.

One case in particular stems from my meeting of Mike Buchfuhrer.

Mike is the CEO of the company Rose & Fire— pure, hand-made head covers for golf clubs.

Blow up hole

Mike pulled me over at the PGA Show in his Booth 6354. His subtle booth featured headcovers for drivers, 3-woods and putters, something I’ve seen one thousand times over and my initial interest was not piqued.

But as I got to know Mike and further understood the mission behind his products at Rose & Fire, I began to see his product for more.

Based out of Los Angeles, CA, Mike is an artist. His art is in hand-stitched, highly durable, unique craftsmanship in the form of golf club headcovers. Promoting quality (domestic) materials, their timeless designs present a fresh appeal to a stagnant industry.

Visit Rose & Fire Website Here

Screenshot 2015-02-18 11.56.33

Bison leather putter cover

Screenshot 2015-02-18 11.56.27

Nylon Canvas driver cover


The Name

The name is a familial name.

The “Rose” comes from Mike’s grandmother, a woman characterized by the website as the “matriarchal designer.” Rose was a hat designer in the 1940s after the end of World War II. Her design style was classic. It is an element Mike works to tie into each and every one of his products.

The “Fire” is based off Mike’s last name–Buchfuhrer– a sort of pun on the “fuhr” part of his name. Not only that, but the Fire is the main aspect of their logo, a simple, classic logo.

 The Product

Mike works from a solid base of products, some of his best sellers.

When visiting the “Collections” tab of his website, users will find the core of their offerings– genuine leather, ballistic nylon, camouflage, waxed canvas, nylon canvas and his ‘limited’ (rare) products.

*If you have time, check out these ‘rare’ products– how about Stingray and recycled intertube?* 

The durability featured in many of his products come from the military-grade materials he used. The look and classic design comes from the vintage machines and techniques he uses to produce them, using timeless handmade procedures to ensure quality.

Rose & Fire

During my time visiting with Mike, I expressed one of my common complaints about headcovers, specifically puttercovers. On every putter cover I’ve ever used, I’ve had issues with the velcro. It wears over time and my putter eventually has trouble and falls off often. Eventually, it is lost.

Mike assured me this– the velcro he uses is the same used by our armed services on their parachute backpacks. They are extremely durable. This, along with the high-density foam and the binding (black edging around the outside) increases durability in high-wear areas.

Mike sent me a Bison putter cover and a Nylon Canvas headcover for my driver.

The driver cover for my Nylon Canvas headcover has a coarse, hardwearing feel to it while having a soft interior. The zig-zag stitch on the elastic holds the elastic flatter and stresses materials (and threads) less. I know it won’t damage my driver–any more than I do voluntarily–in any way. It also, looks pretty cool. Classic fashion for my big dog.

The Bison putter cover was one I fell in love with when I saw it. Living in South Dakota for the last 7 years, the Bison (or “American Buffalo”) is one of the signatures of our states. In fact, people on the coasts will ask, in conversation, “do you hunt buffaloes in South Dakota?” They ask that along with questions about Native Americans, teepees and cowboys.

We don’t hunt buffaloes. The bison in South Dakota are farmed.

But thanks to Mike Buchfuhrer, I am able to pay homage to the state I now call home with an authentic, Bison leather putter cover.

It’s a product I expect to last me many years.