Our world is expanding. We golfers (baseball, soccer, softball, lacrosse and football athletes) have seen our golf courses, ballparks and fields become overwhelmed by urban settings and ever-growing roads, buildings and parking lots. We still want to work on our games and as golfers, we crave hitting golf balls. Rukket meets our needs.

Rukket brings some of the best golf nets the industry has to offer in the Rukk Net. When looking into a golf net, there are a couple of features which come to the forefront. With the Rukk Net, two awesome features are instantly evident.

First, it is an extremely simple product to use. Its effortless assembly and take down are extremely appealing to clients searching for a low maintenance practice tool. The second feature is its automatic return. The automatic return is a design in the netting which collects the ball and gently returns the ball back to the user. It is great for all clubs and only requires one ball!

Besides offering efficient assembly and a unique automatic return, creator Ryan Dickerson is also sure to provide consumers with a very durable product. The product is designed with replaceable polyester netting along with a stainless steel frame. The netting is knotless and tough while the stainless steel offers a strong frame.

Rukket has a variety of related products to accompany their nets. The ReadyNet Office Chipper, the Chip It! Attachment, the Pitch It! Attachment and the Mat Attack all give people different avenues of indoor improvement.

When looking for a versatile product to install in the office, the home or the golf academy for indoor practice, consider going with Rukket. Remember, it is good for all sports, not strictly golf. We can’t all be outside all the time, improve while you’re inside!

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Also, be sure to check out our video below with Rukket at the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show!

Troy Klongerbo