If you could practice from the convenience of your home– would you?

Sure, you’ve got lawn projects, home improvement ideas, practices for the kids and other chaotic things in life, and you ask yourself, ‘how is there enough time in the day to work on my golf game?’ For most people, heading to the course is a big commitment. Drive time, plus prep time, plus practice time and getting better turns into a massive time drain.

So like I said, if you could practice from the convenience of your home– would you?

Now wait, before you toss away tens of thousands of dollars on a brand new, computer simulator for the big screen in the basement, consider something better– perhaps something more practical. 

Introducing, the Haack Net by Rukket Golf.

rukket haack net

The Haack Net– inspired and endorsed by University of Georgia head coach Chris Haack– is a product which melds the worlds between low maintenance and quality. Easy to assemble, the Haack Net is a durable, mesh netting that can be put up anywhere with space and by anyone with a desire to practice.

Sounds like the perfect backyard landscaping accessory!

Coach Chris Haack– the man behind the net’s namesake–has coached some of the best players on today’s PGA Tour including Bubba Watson, Chris Kirk, Russell Henley, Harris English, Erik Compton, Brendon Todd, Brian Harman, Kevin Kisner and more. His thoughts:

“We bring the range to you. This will be the last net you’ll ever need. It’s gonna keep your game sharp!”


The product comes with paper instructions in the box, but I admit, they aren’t the best. Inarticulate and unclear, it’s best to consider this video created by Rukket Sports. Assembly is fairly self-explanatory, but be sure that everything points the right direction. Some of the issues we had with assembly had simply to do with bars and netting being used in the opposite of their intended use.

This video is a great, succinct description for proper assembly:

All in all, it took us only 15-20 minutes to unpack and set up the Rukket Net. We were hitting shots before we knew it (even with a few user errors on set up!).

The product does not come with hitting mats, so as long as you don’t mind taking a few backyard divots or want to take some extra strips of carpeting from your attic, you’ll need to find a mat for your outdoor practice sessions.

But wow, hitting 35 shots from the convenience of my backyard never felt so nice.

rukket sports

Product Overview

The Haack Net is made of some of the most durable netting available on the market. Don’t worry about rips, tears or holes forming in the netting. The 4-ply knotless netting reinforces the net’s integrity and trust me, it can handle any ball speed you possess (not that I am in any way a glowing example of a “high ball speed” player).

The support bars are lightweight and sturdy. In order to make a product that was easy to travel with along with maintaining authority in its frame, Rukket needed to delve into the world of engineering as they strived to bridge the gap between and be the most practical golf net in the business.

With the Haack Net, they’ve done a beautiful job.

My Review

If you’d like, they have a great reviews page, boasting a litany of 5-star ratings. Check out the reviews page here!

As far as my own review, I was quite impressed from top-to-bottom with Rukket Sports’ Haack Net. When hitting shots into a Rukket Net, particularily in a suburban area, a few worries come to mind:

  1. Is the ball going to fire through (or around) my netting and blast a hole into my neighbors window?
  2. Is the ball going to ricochete backwards off the netting, either striking me or something in my backyard?

I’ll answer both of these questions briefly for you:

  1. No
  2. No

The netting is durable enough that any impact will be caught. As far as the catching mechanism, there is enough slack to catch the ball gently, diffuse the energy, and deliver the ball gracefully back to the ground. No ricochete, no bounce back, just a calm, dead dropped shot.

If only I could get my ball to land as soft on the greens…

This net is the complete package! And it’s great for all sports, not just golf. Soccer, lacrosse, tennis– the Rukket net can handle it all.

When you’re all done, the takedown and storage is extremely simple. Go from sitting at home, to getting a full 30-minutes of practice to sitting back in your living room in less than an hour. Unless you live within a couple hundred yards of a country club’s driving range, I’m not sure you’ll be able to save this much time and get high-quality practice in any other way.


One of my favorite elements is the elimination of “crappy range balls” during my practice sessions. I am able to gather 5-10 golf balls that I use every round and hit those in my backyard. They feel like the balls I am used to and mentally, looking down at a ball I’ll play in competition helps with my feels and mental preparation.

I love being able to do this. (We aren’t Tour pros, we don’t get to hit brand new practice ProVs before rounds).

The only factor that is a bit of a downer is the fact that I was unable to see the ball fly, but truthfully, it’s not much of an issue for this type of practice anyways. It’s a golf net I use from the convenience of home– I don’t want to see it fly. If I see it fly, that’s a bad thing. *cue window smash soundtrack*

This is a fantastic practice aid and a practical way to improve with convenience.

Social Media

Be sure to follow Rukket Sports on social media, as from time to time they will unveil a new opportunity to add one of their nets to your practice arsenal!

Check out their Facebook page here.

And after you get done watching the videos, checking them out on social media, researching, reading and pondering…go ahead and buy the net.

You’ll have it paid off in about 15 buckets of balls at the local course…