For whatever your net needs are, Rukket Sports should help fill your needs. They have just about anything a net seeker may be looking for.

Over the past year, we’ve spent time working with some fantastic Rukket products. We did a full video review of the Monster Cage, and great written reviews of both the Haack Netand the Range Marker and Chipping Net.

The folks at Rukket Sports make a top-notch product.

With that, we have another product that may be of interest to you– the SPDR net.

The SPDR net may be like you’re saying “Spider,” which in my opinion is a pretty cool name. After all, look at TaylorMade’s SLDR driver, one of the most popular driver’s the company had released. The two look synonymous with one another.

But with the net from Rukket, the SPDR is actually an acronym. It stands for Self-Contained, Portable, Driving Range. See it now?

  • Self-contained
  • Portable
  • Driving
  • Range

This net lives up to the billing stated in the acronym.

Buy the Net here

For more, watch this video review from our very own, Todd Kolb:

1. Easy to Set Up

This net is very easy to set up. As Todd and the staff said in the video, this net took no longer than 20 minutes before it was set up and in use. Having a net that is easy to transport, set-up, and tear down is an extremely viable idea for those looking for portable practice.

Live in a big city without a course near by? Find a park and use the SLDR net from Rukket. You’ll be in and out in no time.

2. Open Feel

The nature of this net is very open. It doesn’t give golfers a confined feeling that a portable net would typically give.

With side netting, things we like to call “shank catchers,” this product gives golfers the safety needed to hit any club in the bag, but enough open spaces so golfers of all swings can use the product.

As Todd said in the video above, if golfers don’t feel like they can swing normally, “they’re going to alter their swing.” This is not a desired feeling to have, something of no worry with the SPDR.

3. Containment

No one wants golf shots ricochetting around the room. At the same point, golf shots which rebound from the net are equally hazardous.

With the SPDR net, shots end up in a contained area and errant shots find a home in the netting. It’s a great formula to have, a net with an open feel for the hitting, but one with enough of a grasp to keep shots of all types inside the hitting area.

4. Durability

When making the investment into purchasing a hitting net, the main factor has to be durability. Am I buying a net that’s going to rip or tear only a few weeks into me owning it, or am I going to have a golf net for life?

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of working with a Rukket net and seeing first hand its quality, you’ll understand the durability factor completely in place here.

I would love to see how many shots one of the Iron Byron’s could hit into a Rukket product before a tear. I bet it’s in the tens of millions. Aside from lighting this net on fire, this net can withstand almost anything a golfer can throw at it.

Durability: two thumbs up.

5. The Company: Rukket

Finally, when buying a golf net, one must look into the company they are purchasing from.

In our experience with Rukket Sports, we’ve had first-class treatment as a customer and we can truly say, our needs have been heard and met with great products.

Having a company which works this way assures the consumer of so much, including some of the elements listed above. Theoretically, your net gets torn. The team at Rukket is the team you want at the other end of the phone when you place a call. They’ll help you meet your golf net needs.

That type of customer support and knowing the R&D behind the product is enough to put any golfer’s mind at ease.

Now take a deep breath, close your eyes, and imagine hitting golf shots wherever you want to. Then think about the SLDR net.