SkyTrak Golf Simulators: Affordable In-Home Golf Simulation

By Bradley W. Smith
January 23, 2017


It’s time for all golfers to reach for the Sky.

I don’t mean that in a literal sense so you can put your arms down. I’m talking about SkyTrak. No, it’s not the name of the next James Bond movie. It’s even better.

SkyTrak is the best way for golfers to keep their game sharp during the cold winter months. Winter can be a brutal time for your golf game. Stuck inside as the temperatures drop and the snow drifts rise. Your “practice” is probably limited to putting on the living room carpet into an empty glass.

No more. SkyTrak allows you to tee it up every day regardless of weather or if the course is even open. It’s the first personal launch monitor of its kind and the most accurate real-time practice and play system on the market.

Have you dreamed about playing world famous courses like The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island or Pinehurst? SkyTrak makes it possible without leaving your home or dipping into your 401K either.

Here’s how it works.

SkyTrak connects wirelessly to your iPad or PC, and will then accurately capture and display the launch data and ball flight into as soon as you hit the ball. You’ll see your ball flight in HD on your computer or tablet and get instant feedback on all of your shots. There is nothing like this on the market today, especially given the price point.

Ready to take your game to the course? Great. Where do you want to play? Merion? Harbour Town? Maybe 36 at St. Andrew’s sounds nice. You can play them all because SkyTrak has teamed with WGT Golf to provide you with the coolest, most realistic simulation you will ever see on a generally affordable in-home golf simulator.

You’ll swear you hear bagpipes in the distance as you’re contemplating your approach shot to the Road Hole.

SkyTrak can be yours for as low as $2,000. If that doesn’t sound low, you’re wrong. A system like this could easily run 2, 5 or even 10 times as much. Financing options are even available for qualified buyers as well.

The accuracy of these sims have been attested by experts throughout the industry. Hank Haney has been endorsing the product thoroughly.

Even a few members of our USGolfTV team (including Troy Klongerbo) have hit on the SkyTrak simulators, enough to give thoughts on the technology.

“My brother-in-law bought one of these simulators and we’ve been hitting wedges on them inside his garage. I called out “100 yards” before hitting a wedge with my 54-degree, and then hit it 99 on the fly. This technology is very accurate. When I hit it too far, the machine picked it up. Once you get it set-up, with the lines in place, you can get phenomenal practice on distance control and ball flight from the comforts of home.”

— Troy Klongerbo, @troyklongerbo

If you could practice or play every day your game would improve so rapidly. SkyTrak allows you to do just that, with your own clubs and ball, all from the comfort of your home.

Let it snow! Let it rain! SkyTrak is even light enough and easily portable to take on the go if you want. The only drawback is trying to get your friends out of your house because once they get a taste of it, they’ll be hooked.

Visit to learn about it more.

Here is another great resource if you want more information on the SkyTrak!

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