One of the great moments in any golfer’s life is discovering a brand, whether it be a club, ball, or clothing line, that distinguishes itself from the rest of the pack in a unique way. One such company is Sunice. Sunice specializes in gear for skiers and golfers alike.

The name gives an indication to the company’s roots. Sunice was established in 1976 as a Canadian technical outerwear brand specializing in alpine skiing and outdoor expeditions. In 1992, the company entered the golf industry with hopes of delivering similarly slick and effective clothing to protect against the elements that hinder northern golfers.

Sunice is now sported by 11 professional golfers both male and female, including Chris DiMarco, Mark Wilson, and Katherine Hull.

Sunice's list of Tour players

Sunice’s list of Tour players on their home page

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What sets Sunice apart from other apparel companies?

“Through advanced technologies, lightweight and quiet fabrics, Sunice delivers Freedom of Movement into every product and has become the brand of choice by uncompromising professional golfers around the world,” the company said in an email to USGolfTV.

Sunice will only continue to grow. The company was purchased in 2013 by Montreal-based Thread Collective and has its eyes set on furthering its already well-established innovations.

Winter is in full swing in much of the northern United States, not to mention Canada, but that doesn’t mean one can’t prepare for the spring season. Consider Sunice as you approach that welcomed thaw in late March and early April. Keep an eye out for new products. You can find the apparel at golf pro shops, specialty stores, and other various retailers across North America (Search for the retailer nearest you here http://sunice.com/us/find-a-retailer).

Finally, there’s the comprehensive online store at Sunice.com, which carries everything from gloves, hats, and jackets, to shorts, sweaters, and even socks. It wouldn’t be a bad way to close out your holiday shopping (or start it).