The Swing Caddie 2: An Affordable, Accurate Launch Monitor

By Bradley W. Smith
November 13, 2016


We all know the importance of having a caddy with you during a round. Not only do they carry your bag for several hours on a steamy, summer day but they also provide (hopefully) proper advice on club selection, reading greens, strategy on how to play a hole and just offer a friendly companion during your round.

Is there any doubt the importance Steve Williams played in helping Tiger win all those majors (and Adam Scott too for that matter)? Or Bones Mackay being on the bag for Phil Mickelson? A good caddy can save you several strokes a round without a doubt.

But caddies are human which means they make mistakes. More importantly, they don’t know you and your swing so they can’t provide you with valuable and useful feedback about why you’re suddenly spraying the ball all over the course. The Swing Caddie 2 from Voice Caddie can.

What is the Swing Caddie 2 you ask?

It’s a portable launch monitor, about the size of your smart phone, you can easily carry in your bag and set up behind you on the range or the course. It’s going to provide you with instant statistical analysis of your swing to make you a better player.


You’ve heard me talk several times before on about smash factor, swing speed, ball speed and launch angle. There is a science to building a better and more consistent swing. When you understanding how these bits of information work, you have made a big step to swinging better and thus scoring better.

So, here’s how it works.

The product comes with a remote control and takes 4 AAA batteries. Make sure the Swing Caddie 2 is set up about 4-5 feet behind your (it has a built-in stand) and it’s on the same level as you (don’t put it on top of a hill or down in a bunker or swale).

Now start hitting balls. That’s it. Your portable launch monitor is going to start collecting data and getting you unequivocal numbers to help you break down your swing. Let’s delve further into the various ways your portable launch monitor makes you a better player.

First with a video from Todd Kolb reviewing the piece of equipment:

Features of the Swing Caddy 2

  • Barometric Pressure Calibration: The Swing Caddie 2 has a built in barometric pressure sensor and will automatically calibrate itself to give you the most accurate reading.
  • Voice Distance Output: It will tell your distance after each shot (just how far you carried the ball, not additional roll)
  • Practice Mode: When your portable launch monitor is in this mode, it will automatically display your shot distance, swing speed, ball speed, smash factor, time played and number of balls hit. That information will remain displayed on the screen until your next shot.
  • Target Mode: Slightly different from Practice Mode. In Target Mode you can set a target distance to test your consistency. Using your remote control, you can adjust your target distance, select your club and see out of 10 shots how many were within your target distance.
  • Approach Mode: If you’re tired of playing to the same target shot after shot, this feature will set random target distances for you to hit. It will display your first random distance and await your shot. All the while, displaying your smash factor, swing speed, launch angle etc. while also calibrating how many shots out of 10 you scored.
  • Statistics: The Swing Caddie 2 will automatically store your stats for each club. You can see your average speed, smash factor and distance for the day or for your last 100 shots.
  • Loft Angle Adjustment: The Swing Caddie 2 allows you to adjust your loft angle for each club so you are getting the most accurate feedback on the market.

PGA Tour teaching pro Todd Kolb has tested out the portable launch monitor against his own industry-standard professional monitor and the results were practically the same. Whether he was hitting a driver, 7-iron or a wedge, the Swing Caddy more than held its own against his fancier (and far more expensive) launch monitor. He’s a believer in the Swing Caddy 2 for himself and his students and you will be too.

There isn’t a better product on the market capable of displaying the necessary information you need to hone your swing that has cost in mind the way this piece of equipment does.

The cost of the Swing Caddy 2 is about $290 and comes with a 30-day return policy. It would make a perfect holiday present for yourself or any golfer looking to play better next year.

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