The Swing Catalyst App: Improve Your Game From Your Phone

By Bradley W. Smith
April 8, 2017


Watching The Masters all week has made me very envious.  Envious my backyard doesn’t look like the manicured greens and fairways of Augusta National.  I’m certainly envious of the fortunate few who are members there, relaxing in their green jackets as they enjoy pimento cheese sandwiches and peach cobbler from the clubhouse veranda. 

Most of all though, I’m envious of the swings.

Spieth. Day. McIlroy. Fowler.  The list goes on.  Beautiful, graceful swings launching the ball 320 yards off the tee and then making it stop on a dime with ease.  I’m roughly the same athletic build as some of these guys, so why can’t I swing like they do?

Maybe I can, thanks to the Swing Catalyst app.  This app allows golfers to improve their swing through a multitude of ways and was developed with you in mind.

“The Swing Catalyst App, already used by many of the best players and coaches in the world, is a sophisticated game improvement tool that fits right into your pocket.”

—from the Swing Catalyst website


The concept for Swing Catalyst is simple.  Record your swing in HD and analyze it anywhere and anytime you like.  You can also compare your swing with tour pros and share the results with your coach, friends or anybody else directly from your app.

Did I mention the cost? 

There isn’t one.  You can download the app for free, you just need to log in and create an account and you’re on your way.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a flowing, effortless swing like Dustin Johnson or Jason Day?  Well, match up your swing next to theirs and watch frame by frame to see the exact moment things go off the rails. 

Watching them play every week or looking at a picture of their swing is fine but it can’t offer you detailed feedback like the Swing Catalyst app can provide.  Pause it, edit it, save it, upload it to your cloud to look at it anytime you want.

You lead a busy life and you can’t always get to the range every week for a quick lesson, or maybe you just shot 75-88 during your weekly foursome and want to know what went wrong. 

The Swing Catalyst app gives you the freedom and flexibility to get an instant lesson even if you and your swing coach are on opposite ends of the country.  You send a video of your swing.  Your coach can draw notes right on your video, synchronize two videos for a better and more detailed analysis, then send you their feedback right to your phone. 

It’s really that easy and the app is FREE. 

Download it now and tell your swing coach and your golfing buddies to do the same so you can all be connected.  You can’t fix what you can’t see. 

Download the Swing Catalyst app now, just like plenty of amateurs and pros have already done, and get connected today.

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