Callaway is hitting the market this week with another new and innovative product.

The Callaway Big Bertha Mini 1.5 is a driver designed to hit from the tee and aimed at complete spectrum of golf players who want their bag to have a driver alternative or one that gives them another option on holes that are tight driving.

The mini driver is a cross between a driver and a fairway wood. Can we say it’s a version of a hybrid/driver? The extra size it has makes it play more forgiving than that of a 3-wood, while the shorter shaft and condensed club face gives it more reliability on holes that require precision off the tee.

The Mini 1.5 has a Carpenter 455 forged design club face, the same metal the current XR woods are made of. The difference? The Mini 1.5’s head size is a full 235 cubic centimeters, which is 33.3% larger than the typical 3-wood.

The original Big Bertha driver

The original Big Bertha driver

The club head size is more manageable because of the forged composite crown that is super lightweight. The Warbird-sole design makes the club even more playable from the deck helping to improve its interaction with the turf. That’s right, easier “driver-off-the-deck” plays during your scrambles!

The club’s shaft is just 44 inches, which is two inches, less than standard driver and is the Rayon Kuro Kage TiNi. The shorter shaft makes the club easier to swing and should provide more stability and consistency to a golf swing. More times than not, the “more distance” marketing ploys are designed around longer lengthed drivers. Of course “Iron Byron” can hit it solid, but can an average 12-handicap hit a shot with a 46″ shaft? Not as consistently…

Two lofts are available in the Mini 1.5 – 12 and 14 degrees. The head features the 8-way Callaway adjustable sleeve for loft, which allows the golfer to independently change his or her lie and loft angles based on preference.

The loft is able to be increased as much as two degrees or it can be reduced by a single degree. The lie angle is a draw or neutral setting. Therefore, quite possibly the biggest difference the new Mini 1.5 has from the previous Callaway oversized fairway woods is this adjustable Optifit hosel for the 3-degree range of loft it gives.

Golfers who are more detail oriented will find out that the Mini 1.5 is the first time Callaway has merged the Forged Composite Crown with the Hyper Speed Cup Face on one of its fairway woods.

The Mini 1.5 will be available starting May 29 and has a suggested retail price of $299.